Pnp PnP The Battle of the Forums!


This is my first attempt at a PnP...

Wars are waging on in Gela and people are gearing up for the end game and WW's. Things are beginning to get very very interesting in game, but on the forums only one war remains....

First we have The Players.

These braves warriors of Gela fight to the death in game but on the forum have a whole different enemy to overcome.

The Mod

This enemy is unlike any The Players have ever come up against. The Mod is not your average warrior. He has secret powers to wipe peoples memories of things that were said and done with one quick click of the mouse.


But The Players fight back against this Tyrant in hopes of freeing their lands! They do their best and push back.


They were making headway until one of their own changes sides and defends the Tyrant and betrays The Players secrets.


This sealed the fate for the time being of the brave Players.


But for every 1 player The Mod runs off... 100 more will replace him.


So be cautious Players and always remember no matter how much we fight this battle it is unwinnable to go against a grepo Mod. It sucks but... :pro:

Sorry Saint I put PnP on it so anything goes right? ;) Just poking fun a bit. Nothing exciting going on in game so you get to be the center of attention today. :) And just for the record I was not calling you a tyrant I just thought thats how you wanted to be addressed...
Yes, I am a tyrant.