Possible Bug and or Exploitation with Spells on Attacks


I see this only from certain players but when they have an attack coming with a spell enacted, I will purify and try to wisdom but within less then .5 seconds of going from purify to wisdom on the attack, they have another spell activated and the wisdom doesn't process. The only possible way they can enact a spell that quick would have to be if they are online, with the spells page of the attack open and they'd have to time it directly at the cast of purification. If I am incorrect in this please let me know, but I believe this is a bug/exploitation of the game that should be addressed. I had cast three purification at different time periods of a 15 minute attack and each and every time I casted the spell, they had a different offensive spell stacked and unable to wisdom or use a counter offensive spell.


In revolt worlds sometimes people sit infront of the pc for the entire duration of an attack and spam the spell button (or they are using a bot to do it for them. If you have a suspicion that it might be a bot and not just a human then you could send a ticket to inno, but not sure what the chances are). in conquest I don't see that frequently.