Guide Posting a Screenshot


Here is a quick guide on how to do that most illusive of things... Posting a screenshot.
(Basically copied from a few posts i read on the forums).

Step 1-
Taking the screenshot.
  • On a mac, you hold down shift-command-4 and then click and drag a box over the area you wish to screenshot.
  • On a PC, it is slightly more complicated. Press the 'print-screen' button. Open the file in paint, crop out the area you don't want, save. Alternatively, you could open the 'Sniping Tool' and simply select the area you wish to print screen.

You will now have a file, most likely saved to your desktop.

Step 2 (optional)- Open the file. It will probably open in preview (on a mac) or paint (on a PC), from here you can paint over your own unit numbers and city names etc incase you wish to keep them hidden.

Step 3- Upload to a hosting site.
Go to any hosting site, a few links are posted below, and upload you image. They will generate an image code which you simply paste between image tags-


They are the major ones, BUT, if you want an extensive list of image hosting websites this may help:

As an alternative to all of the above, you could simply download Puush, it is a FREE application which allows you to simply take a screenshot with shift-command-4 on a mac or shift-ctrl-4 on a PC and have it instantly upload, you are given a code which you can just instantly use. No faffing around.

Hope this helps.
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