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Hi there

I'm a newbie, who started this game a couple of weeks ago, playing on Omicron. I played Ogame (online game similar to this, just with spaceships and planets, more complicated/advanced battle systems, but also more caps/limits on point development/expansion) earlier, so I'm quite used to this style of online games.

The game seem pretty straight forward, so without captivating complexities, it can only be fun in the long term if there is a sense of community that makes whatever accomplishments your archieve seem significant. In this game, it's possible to play actively for many months only to be conquered by a gang of people who go against you. So, what would motivate people to play seriously? The fact that they contribute to the history and interesting power struggles in the different worlds.

However, right now, there is almost no activity in the forums (which is astounding, considering how many people are signed up in the game). It's really mostly a bunch of immature kids trash-talking each other with no substance. How about we get some interesting talks and more concrete warfare aboard? I remember from Ogame that reading about the biggest hits, how they were planned and executed really created something special for the scene. It intensified rivalries, glorified the big battles and gave everyone something to talk about. Here is an example. Furthermore, whenever two big alliances battled, there would be a combat report thread where everyone could follow what was happening (and a seperate thread for discussing tactical elements and some banter). I would have no regret losing my entire spaceship fleet (read: army) if I could somehow influence the events going on between the biggest alliances in one of the universes and become part of how this interesting story unraveled.

I cannot seem to find any equivalent on these forums. I checked the rules, and there doesn't seem to be anything against posting information on other players. And this kind of information becomes even more important as you can actually be the most powerful player in the game and not even be ranked top20 in points, since army doesn't count.

Anyway, just to get the ball started:

I'm a miner at heart, and I plan to go for a silly end-game of populating an entire island with my cities - which I believe is referred to as turtling. I won't be active enough to do raids on multiple islands either. When I had just stared, I had pretty much only built mines, wanted to get the important stuff going quickly. I wouldn't have much time (before conquering ships and big fleets), as an alliance called The Alpha Wolves had players sorrounding me on neighbouring islands and had a pronounced goal of full dominance in ocean 42 where all they players had their home, just like me. Not many of them had battle points, though, so perhaps they were mostly "fronting".

I was virtually defenseless when I exited newbie-protection and was attacked by l1brar1an, a player who definitely seemed much more active and aggressive than I (creepily, the attack happened while I was clicking on his city to see what details were visible, so I thought it was somehow notified of this). For the first attack, I just let my small defensive army stay in my city, wanting to defer future attacks, not becoming a farm. I knew I would be able to get militia to defend somehow, but I couldn't find out how to activate it. So, I just built a few more units and hoped for the best. Didn't have market place, so I wasn't able to get rid of my excess resources.


I guess with the battle points gained, this wasn't much a deterrent for the attacked. At least he knew I was defending myself.

So, only shortly thereafter, he launched another attack:


Here, I had remembered how to enlist the militia. I knew I needed to save up more army, so I sent what army I had built up away to the nearest village.

From this point, I knew that I just had to focus solely on building up an army for his next attack, not having much of a window. I started using the villages on my island and requesting troops from them, not otherwise being able to balance my resources (always had too much stone from building archers and swordsmen).

Five days later, his attack came:


A nice win, the defence giving me the needed advantage. Luckily, I was only to be able to enlist militia (seems pretty vital at this early stage) and I just got enough favour (had something like 123 at the time) to cast desire, finally having built a temple after having used all my excess stone on city walls. A fair share of battle points for both - nothing to mourn much. I'm guessing that he will not attack me alone for a long time as it doesn't seem cost effective. It did, however, add a fair share of excitement to the game. I've been a bit active for the last week, and I'm now ranked 18th in my ocean, but haven't been attacked by anyone else.
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So... is this thread going to be an entire chronicle of your life in Omicron? Cause wow, I kept reading expecting it to go somewhere, but to no avail. That's 2 mins of my life i'll never get back....

Thanks for that.


It sounds like you haven't read the post. My little story was just a way to get the sharing started, not the point of the post at all.

The point is for people to start sharing stories and battle reports and for alliances to make thread detailing the wars between them. The only purpose of this thread is to create awareness for this need.

Apparently, you do not seem to be on this forums due to curiousity the ongoings of Omicron. So, you need not worry - as of now, the forums is still just mostly random personal insults, with hardly any stories :)


Dodge next time. No point using the units when it is of no benefit to you. Next time send your troops out of your city on support to another city on your island. Spend all your resources, activate militia.

I also recommend getting some BRs asap because you could decimate his army if he continues to attack with 1 LS.


Well ... that's a bit tricky. The following things played a factor:

1) Since I won't be that aggressive, attacking a lot of players, I won't get a lot of chance to make battle points. Here, I had the chance to make some much needed battle points in a fight that was advantageous to me (at a point where attacked were still attacking blindly, likely not wasting silver to spy first). Also, I don't suffed any diplomatic repercussions this way. Not being part of any alliance, I wouldn't want to get into fights before I have at least established myself properly.

2) I don't want to give the impression that I'm weak and won't resist when attacked. Causing heavy losses should make a point, and I think it has.

3) I was caught in a bit of a pickle, actually, since I had both contruction slots occupied, too many resources and no free population. I would have actually wasted resources through the night as my wood and stone production would have been halted (something I would absolutely hate as a perfectionist). This guy kind of did me a favour, freeing up the supply, allowing me to spend it on other units I needed (I thought hoplites would counter horsemen well, but I gather that they don't really) and avoid getting my resources maxed out. The army I lost was only worth two days of raids (and some missed raiding time), when you think about it.

4) It's more fun to fight. Why play sensibly if it's no fun? Then I might as well not play ...

Right now, I'm going for a minimum of battle techs, instead focusing on techs important infrastructure and eventually colony ships. So, I won't be building biremes anytime soon. I don't really fear another attack, though. I'm sure that if he has rebuilt a strong army, he will have more battle ships. I think he had simply just started to build up the light ships, which was why he had just one (notice that he didn't have light ships in his previous attack).

I forgot to mention that upon his first attack, I actually cancelled two buildings to build army for it, not realizing that he would not be able to conquer me yet, thinking that this was the end.
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Trust me, you need to dodge.

Now what if someone attempts to conquer your city tomorrow? You've lost all your troops trying to gain some BP that you didn't absolutely need.

When people begin sending clearing attacks trying to get rid of your troops so they can send a CS, you're going to wish you had dodged and saved your troops for the conquest attempt.

You've lost 2 days of troops, and you can regain them in 2 days, but if you would've dodged, then you would have 4 days worth of troops instead of 2.


With all the things I'm trying to build, I cannot expand my farm quickly enough to get the necessary free population to keep making units anyway. So, I just make what units I need to raid within my time limits (a good amount of horsemen) - I reckon it will still be a week or two before anyone starts conquests. As of now, I'm not trying to accumulate massive amounts of troops, but simply to make sure I have enough units to avoid being farmed, and otherwise I just try to have my city reach maximum potential and get the second one going.

And if anyone were to try to conquer me, it might just as well have been the attacker. This way, I get to keep his army down while he's still at stage where he cannot overpower me. And someone who is known to offer fierce resistance would maybe not be the most obvious goal for conquest. As of now, there aren't anyone but new players around me (I'm guessing, since their points are similar), meaning there won't be anyone with an insane army trying to conquer me. Right now, people trying to conquer me and people otherwise attacking me are both unacceptable, so I will not stand down to anyone.

I'm not sure how I like having my units "safe" by sending them to support another city. The way I understand it, if someone conquers your city and your army was off supporting someone else, you lose it. So, I can have the biggest army in the game and lose it because I was attacked by a few hoursemen. Even if, with the revolt system, you have some 7-8 hours to react to an attack, it often will not be enough. So, as of now, I will simply focus my army defensively to make it unattractive to attack me. Hopefully, I can keep up and stay a powerful defender.
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With interest recent events having happened, I consider the following an obligatory follow-up to my previous tales. I was in the public library working on Friday, and decided to check on Grepolis from one of their computers. It turns out I had logged in just 13 minutes before an attack from l1brar1an hit me. He had caught me at my most vulnerable, just before I would be able to start massing defences. I had spent the last couple of days leveling up my academy and harbour to be able to get a colonyship, and I had started building it earlier that day.

I knew from the timing that this had to be a conquest attack. There was no way that I was not going to defend it. Three hours behind the first attack came one from l1brar1an's other, smaller city. It was a tough decision on whether to let my horsemen stay and defend. They would go very cheaply against hoplites and if I lost them, I was effectively handicapped in terms of rebuilding. However, since I knew the fight would be very tight, I decided to let them stay. I built units for the pile of resources I had lying around, and the attack happened:


My city was not in revolt, and the timer was ticking down for a conquest attack. Just before the battle I had made my first minor mistake. I can used what favor I had to cast desire on both the attacks at my city. Obviously, I should have waited with the second casting before I knew the results of the first battle. My army, which frankly didn't have the best composition yet, was decimated. I had timed my militia so that I would be able ot summon them for the second battle, but with my whole army destroyed, I have no doubt that casting population growth would have been more useful. With a few small raids and the income of my city, I was able to scrape enough resources for a transport ship in time to send my colony ship away before the second attack, which followed:


Smaller than I anticipated, but I guess that's predictable for a city of 1500 points. I had made sure to time the militia so that I would be able to summon it for the second battle, wanting to pick away at his army and keep my city wall intact. Once they got back to his city, he had sent his four light ships to screen for this second attack, arriving around nine seconds before the attack.

While the second attack was about to hit, he sent out his returning army from the first attack again. It occurred to me that with all his light ships having screened for the second attack, he might have nothing to defend his transports for this attack. In my head, I was already preparing to thank Stupefy that his words of caution had caused me to research birimes a little earlier than I otherwise would have. I kept raiding and scraped together the resources to build a birime. Fearing that l1brar1an would spy in advance of his army hitting me, I made sure to time the bireme to finish just before his third attack would hit. However, with the troop movement screen always seeming quite dodgy (although it's probably always accurate when you refresh it) I did not dare to make the timing too tight, so I had my ship finish 40 seconds before the attack arrived. And then came the attack:


It did seem a bit strange that he would throw away more units before the final battle, but I expected that he wanted to bring down the city walls and whatever troops I rebuilt before I was able to gather any army. I had failed to remove four hoplites I had build to defend the conquest attack that he would eventually make. I wasn't too sad about that, though, seeing what losses he suffered at the hands of my pityful defensive force. A shame that it turned out he had three extra light ships, though, foiling my plans to sink his transport fleet.

I now waited to raid the villages around me to rebuild, and do so quickly. I focused on swordsmen and hoplites to counter what I knew he would throw at me. However, thinking I had more time, I wanted a few horsemen as well, as they would help me raid much more quickly. This become my second mistake, I realized, once I saw that the attack of l1brar1an would hit within minutes of the revolt ending and the period of conquest starting. The horsemen would not have time to pay off, and I could have built 16 swordsmen in their place. I just kept raiding, making sure to build as many units as I could. I cast the wedding spell on my city to receive some instant resources to be sure that I could upgrade my city wall one level before the attack. This was my third minor mistake, as I would have had enough resources to build the city wall in time anyway, and already had units cued up for the next six hours. The favor would have been useful later.

Two attacks were headed my way, seperated only by ten minutes. The first attack was from his smaller city and the second was from his main city - what would undoubtedly be the conquering strike. I once again made sure to time my militia so that I would be able to have full militia for both battles. Two more attack was added, one before each of the other attacks. The first, as it turns out, once again served to screen for the attack from his smaller city, with four light ships attacked to destray any naval defense that might exist in the town. So, in retrospect, my one bireme could have been better spent if I focused on timing in on the attack from the smalller, but I would still claim this wasn't a mistake. His first wave of attack hit:


Obviously, this attack was simply made to diminish my numbers for his final attack. It did do decent damage as well. As you will notice, I once again had a decent defensive force. This is because UWE (ur worst enemy) from my island finally came online and answered my request for some friendly neighbourly help, sending 99 swordsmen, 61 slingers and a chariot, casting divine sign on my city to give me a single chariot as well. Now things were looking up. I braced for the second wave, which inevitably came:


Another small force, likely with whatever units l1brar1an could send once he built a few extra transports. As you can see, I had the full militia summoned at this point, meaning it would stand diminished before the final battle. However, it did protect the other units in the town, so I doubt it made much of a difference in the end. And the final attack had to come:


Minus 18 luck, eh? Still feel that it went quite well. UWE's forces were sufficient to carry me through. The few units left for me weren't really enough to do any significant raiding. With what resources I had gained from raids before this attack, I started some archers, knowing I had to balance my need for better raiding and proper defence. When I woke up, I built some more archers and started raiding.

Soon, I realized just how useful a bit of extra favor would come to be. The seige on my city continued, and I would really need to rebuild heavily. l1brar1an had called for the help of his alliance mates. The first attack that was started against me was from DW123 (ranked fifth on my ocean), who had an attack which would take eight hours to hit me. I was guessing that this was the attack that would start a new revolt, even though considering how few battle points DW123 had (just below 500), I couldn't be sure whether he had actually gotten the culture points needed for his third city (although he very well could have, his first city being one of over 6000 points). Then, soon after, I saw l1brar1an throw in his last attempt at conquest, two attacks arriving in around five hours, just before the period of conquest would end. To help him, bbllaa had sent an attack in advance, which would take two hours to arrive. bbllaa was ranked third in my ocean, and the city he was attacking from had over 6000 points. As this was serious business, I was sure that I would have a big army coming at me (although not enormous, considering that the guy only has 82 battle points). This put me in a bit of dilemma. Obviously, I didn't want to waste any of my own units fighting bbllaa as I needed them against l1brar1an. However, I knew it was doubtful that UWE would come online, so if I recalled the 10 swordsmen, 6 slingers and 1 chariot he had defending my city, it was very unlikely that they would be there to defend against the attacks from l1brar1an. First, I decided against any recall, but then I re-decided. So, I recalled his army shortly before the attack from bbllaa hit:


A small attack, so if UWE didn't come online, it would have been a shame that I sent his army home. The player Uninhibited wanted to help his alliance-mate, so he cast earthquake on my city, bringing my city wall down two levels. He also added himself to the line of attackers, sending an attack which would arrive in four and a half hours.

So, the full-on assault on me seemed set. bbllaa had now added another three attack to the bunch, one that would reach my city after two hours and another two that would take around four hours, which the attack from l1brar1an were still 1,5 hours away. Instead of just one attack, l1brar1an now had four attacks. I assumed that only one of those attacks would be of significant size. Here is how my overview looked at the moment:


Find the exciting continuation in ... next post :p (character limit)


I hadn't been bothered to find keep track of which attack from l1brar1an was the slow one with a colony ship, so I decided to meet all of his attacks, which would allow me to activate my militia in advance and thus have it ready to face later attacks as well. And so it went:


I realized right away that this had been a mistake, underestimating the damage that an an army quickly built from active raiding in his other city could do. Instead of focusing on immediate survival, I had a mindset of causing as much damage as possible to my attackers. And so it was. Another attack his, with what additional units he could bring from his main city, destroying the rest of my defending forces:


I don't know what his final attack consisted of, but it didn't meet any resistance. Therefore, minutes ago and just four hours before my colony ship landed, the game evicted me and asked me to chose a restart location.

So, congratulations to l1brar1an for his cunning. I'm sure he will feel that the points in the city are well spent:


Of course, this had to happen sooner or later, with me being the obvious target as the only top player without an alliance and one of the few players with "many" points but only one city (had around 3600 points). I had just hoped that it would be after I started my defence, not before :)

Can anyone tell me which respawn direction would bring me closest to ocean 42?


Total losses in battle

Total Losses - Battle of Beninzo Dio Caldo

l1brar1an (and allies)

Land Units

6 Harpies
4 Catapults
286 Horsemen
560 Slingers
20 Chariots
366 Hoplite
84 Swordmen
62 Archers

Total army value

133.260 Wood
133.770 Stone
211.410 Silver
478.440 Resources

Asjo (and neighbours)

Land Units

2 Chariots
162 Horsemen
116 Slingers
103 Hoplites
374 Swordmen
545 Archers

Total army value

146.590 Wood
39.645 Stone
151.715 Silver
337.950 Resources


I did not read the whole post just looked the battle reports u should build up your navy if u had 1 BR u could have won some of those battles without a loss and u need to dodge. Good luck.


hehe, notguilty, yes, that's the danger of not reading to whole thing. "Good luck" won't me of much use since I'm dead, and my opponent send several light ships sending attacks with light ships ahead of each undefended attack (which were only the small attacks from his second city).


Since no one was able to answer my question of what starting location would be close to ocean 42, I decided to restart and take a guess, picking north-west. I can see that my account still has it's messages, and funnily, here is the army that conquered my city:


So, definitely confirms that I made a mistake by defending against the other armies. I guess the fact that I knew someone else would try to take the city if l1brar1an didn't succeed drove my to try to do as much damage as possible. Ironically, I could have done my damage by just defending against his defensive units that he used for attack.

With the restart I'm one step on my way to retribution and on the way to getting back Beninzo Dio Caldo, whose citizens clearly now live under great oppression. The are even being forced to refer to their city as Grashkograd. It couldn't have gotten a cool name like the other cities such as "Aqua Vivae"?


And, God, I have to say it's a relief to play with a proper interface again. After my defeat, I started up in Phi thinking that version 2.0 of Grepolis would actually be an improved version of the game. However, it's a silly, annoying and not very intuitive interface bunched with a lot of cosmetic changes. Quite useless, really.
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I rember I had a all out island braw now I cleared his city and about 5 hours left of revolt so he will be left with the city he just founded beside him.


So wait, I'm a little confused :eek: is this a guide on how to suck at grepolis? :D


Murtius, I know you're just poking fun, but instead of discouraging others who won't get the joke, I suggest you follow the example and post some battle reports as is requested in this topic. Get going, mate!


Question your not in a alliance on the reports but you have a flag the same as the alliance that conquered you.:heh:


What do you mean? :)

Flag where? On the world map? I thought whichever flag logo you have on the map is quite random. Normally, it seems to be people who are in an alliance that have logos on their flag, though.

I don't have any flag when I look at myself on the map ...