Psi Chat (My Proposal)


It seems like loads of people are hyped about Psi. Loads and loads of people need to get that excitement out. Well, here is an idea: lets have a Psi chat where we can chat, debate and everything else you want to do. Just a friendly place where people can get out their excitement (it should also stop these "spam" threads).

Anyway, link:

Joining Instructions:
Click the link, choose a nickname and colour then enter! Following that, make sure you press "Join Chat" on the bottom towards the right.

Happy... urm... talking!


i like this Osl. We had one for Omicron and it was fun. Could this be stickied?


I can't sticky it myself, though I'm sure a titan could do so :)


Unless you've paid for it no more than 10 people can be in the chat at a time.
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why don't you use skype? no money to spend on it there!


Just joined Psi chat a while ago, it's a total blast.



Skype is much less accessible.

i suppose it is actually, downloading and setting up an account is bothersome compared to a ready made room like chatzy , shame it has a user limit though :(


Wow i kept a conversationup with myself for 6 minutes im pretty impressed with myself! :D

Obelix.. joined the chat 11:33

Obelix..: I iz only one here... o_O 11:34

Obelix..: Im going to start a conversation with myself i thinks... 11:34

Obelix.. has been pumping menhirs in the gym 11:34

Obelix..: Really Obelix? Thats cool i have been smashing crazy romans 11:35

Obelix.. starts singing 11:35

Obelix..: Anything you can do i can do better! 11:35

Obelix.. No you cant 11:35

Obelix.. Yes i can 11:35

Obelix.. No you cant 11:36

Obelix.. Yes i CAN! 11:36

Obelix..: Any Romans you beat up i can beat up too. 11:36

Obelix..: No you cant 11:36

Obelix..: Yes i can 11:36

Obelix..: Yes i can 11:36

Obelix..: Yes I can 11:36

Obelix.. so Obelix is it true you met Asterix in a well? in Egypt? 11:37

Obelix..: No 11:37

Obelix..: Yes it is 11:37

Obelix..: No its not 11:37

Obelix..: Yes it IS! 11:37

Obelix..: No i met him in Germania when riding boars backwards 11:38

Obelix.. Oh cool 11:38

Obelix..: Do you think this is getting tedious now Obelix? 11:38

Obelix..: Yes i think so Obelix 11:38

Obelix..: Ok obelix im going to Londinium to drink some beer 11:39

Obelix..: Fine i will hunt sharks in Greece! 11:39

Obelix..: Goodbye then! 11:39

Obelix..: Goodbye! 11:39

Some one want to come tlak to me now :p