Qn on Hero Usage


Lets say I have 2 heroes right now, Ambrosia and Hercules

Ambrosia is assigned to my (only) city

How do I use Hercules?

There is no option for him to go out on campaigns with my army.
Does he have to be assigned to he city?
If yes, does this mean I have to suffer the "arrival time" whenever I want to switch heroes :(


I think what you mean is Andromeda and Heracles
How to do Heracles is either defends an attack or attack someone with him(each will give you favors if you win the fight and you must get 50 atleast to get favors)

And yes, you must first assign that hero in city.


oof i really goofed on the names there

But yea if there isnt a way to bypass the waiting time......man its tedious