QoQ builds lead, AnA is 2nd and 3rd now, SnS is officially dead, CoE is still hanging on!

well too bad

QoQ is building a lead now with almost 500k point difference
AnA and it's sister are 2nd and 3rd with the 4th being a bit far from taking 3rd place
CoE is still hanging on with some improvements
SnS is officially dead and out of the game​
TOP 6:
#1 Quality over Quantity SWIM nothing has really changed other than that they caught up very well with AnA in terms of ABP and DBP! They are almost about to over take them which is a great sign. Better and better placement for domination. They have a pretty solid core east 55/54 and south/north 54/55. They still don't have a sister (to the best of my knowledge) which may prove to be a problem in terms of keeping up with other alliances. They have CoR to deal with if they want to fully secure ocean 55.
#2/3 Anarchaos
SWIM personally, I am rooting for them to win now. They have a pretty solid 44 and they are sneaking into 45 and 54. This infiltration can prove to be good against QoQ especially since QoQ still has enemies to deal with while AnA has focused its efforts on securing the area around them. Also, very good placement and they have a sister which is helpful for members that want to go into Vm or members who want to leave as they have many people that are willing to move up.
#4 Curse of Reviers
FLOAT I really don't think they can go far. Unless they move into where SS was previously (south east-mid 45) they won't stand a chance. QoQ will be looking to establish complete dominance over O55 and they will go down easily. They need to remove dead weight and stay in one alliance for now.
#5 Clash of Emos FLOAT I would like to congratulate them for holding on all this time. They are doing a bit better but not good enough to compete. I think they will float for now and depends on their diplomatic relations how good they do later on. The only reason they are floating is that they are good snipers and they can hold some cities. But later on I am not sure how good they will do.
#6 LTS for hire KABOOM the trump card for this world. Anyone who uses this card silences the enemy for 3 days, does 7k damage, and gain 500 armor. Jokes aside they are doing okay I guess? No high hopes for them though.

Now to everyone's Favorite part:

WAR SCORES! (this time it will only include major wars)

QoQ X AnA 9-5
QoQ X CoR 52-6
QoQ X Enlightened 44-0

AnA X CoR 6-2
AnA X CoE 81-19 (this is for the CoE folk who think they will win the world easy game)
AnA X Enlightened 91-0

And I got new video ou about which troops are best for attacking. Thanks, guys for your previous comments and I hope you like this one!


Lollll... not sure who in CoE ever said anything about winning. We are fully aware that will not be a thing. Thank you for the the first props we’ve ever been given by the newsletter.


I think its funny how number 2/3 had to pact 5 and 6 just to fight 4. If that doesnt show you the lack of skill i dont know what will


I think its funny how number 2/3 had to pact 5 and 6 just to fight 4. If that doesnt show you the lack of skill i dont know what will
Apologies for not knowing who you are........maybe you can rectify this by providing your in game name?


And Chaos call QoQ backstabbers even though they were brown the entire server......what a bunch of delusional hooligans