Top 12 QoQ gets first spot, the world now is a three-way race, Hakuna Matata Finally leave top 12

well too bad

#1 Quality over Quantity: (3rd in BP) FLIM they have a good placement. They have been gathering some members in this big mess of the LGF disband. Their BP is surprisingly low to their placement. They recently went over SS that has been dead now for a couple of days and weren't doing well for a long while. They don't have supremacy over any ocean for now which might prove to be a problem. Their presence in O55 is heavily contested with SnS(no fighting though) and in 54 it is contested with AnA and some other small groups. they are doing well but if they don't populate heavily an ocean it will be a problem and they need to step their BP wayyy up.
#2/11 Anarchaos:(1st BP) SWIM easy swim. Very good placement almost total dominance over 44 except for remaining vanguard and contesting 54 with QoQ. Their BP is very good. They are a balanced alliance from what I see. Both ABP and DBP are pretty well. They need to do well on diplomacy and if they do they will succeed to a high degree. In short, they are in a very good place, let's see what they are made of when the real fights start.
#3/9 Sorry not sorry:(2nd BP)
SWIM another easy swim. Also very good placement and positioning. They are establishing a very solid dominance in 45 but they have a bit of AnA and CoE so it will be a while before they fully dominate it. Their co-dominance with QoQ will be a problem later on after they clear AnA if they are able to. If they aren't then they will need to expand elsewhere and they will have to turn on each other. Otherwise, doing very well in BP and points.
#4: Clash of Emos: (7th BP)
SINK bad positioning their BP is not great also. They took in SS refugees that will probably be eaten by other alliances. No big things for them right now.
#5/12 Cuse of the reveirs: (8th BP)
SINK bad BP, bad positioning will be eaten as soon as SnS turn their attention to them. They won't be staying here much longer.
#6 The Vanguard: (5th BP)
FLOAT they have earned this spot. They have been fending AnA for a while now. They are losing but they aren't sinking. They can be a valuable ally against AnA or for AnA against others. Interesting position but float for now as they aren't doing very well.
#7 The Smurfs: no comments... we haven't seen a lot of them
#8 Dire Straits: same as above

#10 Kingdom of the wind: SINK food.....


Imagineeee getting banned yourself on 121 for 3 days for multying and then accusing anyone of anything? Also imagine messaging someone talking mad trash and making up more nonsense and then blocking because they dont immediately reply lmao. Its ok redge dont be mad just cuz you need gold not to be super-bad.

P.S Btw please leave some LS and CS for me to kill again tonight and then say you didnt get caught off again please I like the BP.
If you are going to make a lie up, do not do it on the forums! I was never banned, so retract the statement and apologise or we let the mods take the appropriate actions.

Dirty again, having to make things up now!


i cant confirm nor deny... but you talkin about mods... plus you listening to Tomas... this dude still thinks he is our founder lmaooooooooo haha