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Editing Sub sections

1) select the main section you wish to add/edit the subsections within

2) This is where you add the java script code and the name of the toolbar (Golden cross adds another sub menu, red cross deletes sub menu)

3) always save once you have finished editing, then check your toolbar to make sure it all works

How to edit a Main section

1) Edit/add the main title you wish

2) Once again you can have as many or as few sub sections as you wish

3) Save your work as always

Adding your own toolbar Items

When constructing your own tool bar item from scratch (if you completely delete a tool bar item and want to add a new one) there are 2 options available: you can create a menu item, or you can create a submenu.

When constructing a tool bar item from scratch which will contain submenus

- Select 'new sub menu'
- Name it and save
- Go back to your new item and then add all the sub menus that you wish (remember to save when finished)

When adding a 'direct link' toolbar item (like the default senate toolbar item does)

- Select 'new menu item'
- Name it
- Add the Javascript
- Save
(This can be handy for windows you use very often, such as the farming overview (captain needed) or possibly the barracks or harbour, which are separate menu items as standard)

Once you have messed around with the toolbar you will eventually find what works best for you, here is my usual setup

Java script codes (copy from 'javascript' onwards)

Senate: javascript: MainWindowFactory.openMainWindow ()
Barracks: javascript: BarracksWindowFactory.openBarracksWindow ()
Port: javascript: DocksWindowFactory.openDocksWindow ()
Temple: javascript: TempleWindowFactory.openTempleWindow ()
Cave: javascript: HideWindowFactory.openHideWindow ()
Academy: javascript: AcademyWindowFactory.openAcademyWindow ()
Farm: javascript: ('farm')
Market: javascript: ('Market')
Defense (Agora): javascript: PlaceWindowFactory.openPlaceWindow ('index', open)
Outside (Agora): javascript: PlaceWindowFactory.openPlaceWindow ('units_beyond', open)
Simulator (Agora): javascript: PlaceWindowFactory.openPlaceWindow ('simulator', open)
Culture (Agora): javascript: PlaceWindowFactory.openPlaceWindow ()
Wall: javascript: ('Wall')
Lumberjacks: javascript: LumberWindowFactory.openLumberWindow ()
Quarry: javascript: StonerWindowFactory.openStonerWindow ()
Silver Mine: javascript: IronerWindowFactory.openIronerWindow ()
Stock: javascript: ('storage')
Premium Overviews
Trade overview: javascript: Overviews.openOverview ('trade_overview')
Command overview: javascript: Overviews.openOverview ('command_overview')
Recruiting overview: javascript: Overviews.openOverview ('recruit_overview')
Troops Overview: javascript: Overviews.openOverview ('unit_overview')
Troops outside: javascript: Overviews.openOverview ('outer_units')
Building overview: javascript: Overviews.openOverview ('building_overview')
Culture Overview: javascript: Overviews.openOverview ('culture_overview')
Gods Overview: javascript: Overviews.openOverview ('gods_overview')
Cave Overview: javascript: Overviews.openOverview ('hides_overview')
Stadtgruppenübersicht: javascript:Overviews.openOverview('town_group_overview','town_group_overviews')
Towns list: javascript: Overviews.openOverview ('towns_overview')
Bauerndorfübersicht: javascript:GPWindowMgr.Create(GPWindowMgr.TYPE_FARM_TOWN_OVERVIEWS,'Bauerndörfer',{})
Attack Planner: javascript: GPWindowMgr.Create (GPWindowMgr.TYPE_ATTACK_PLANER, 'Attack Planner')
Booking Tool: javascript: hOpenWindow.openReservationList (); void (0);
*Important notes*

A) Currently you need to re-add the farm all (farm overveiw) code every time you edit any aspect of the toolbar - true on 12th sept

B)If you mess up really badly, there is always the 'reset quick bar'

C)Please post anything that will help improve this guide or fix mistakes

Constructed By [user]Fist of the North star[/user] and [user]Pythagorus[/user]
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Just an FYI, i've put a link to this on the wiki.
(Just a link to this page from the little section on the quick bar, haven't ripped your work :p)


i've been having this for a while, but richard still hasn't found out what the new js should be :supermad:
If you have find out the new js for the simulator please update it guys. I sorta need it :)


I am not sure its possible, or necessary really.
Your alliance forum is at the bottom of the screen at all times, so why would you want it at the top as well?


My problem is that bottom menu is not working on iPad and through the quickbar I can make it availabe ...

King Ready

Try this it worked for me:'place',{},'Simulator')

Note the capital S in Simulator.


Is there any way to implement other items in the quickbar, such as the administrator tools?


You can. But you would need to get the javascript code. :)

Send the creators of this a message and they'll be able to help you further.


Thats made such a difference to my mouse clicks lol,

Thanks loads for this!

Rep to the Fist of the North Star!


Just a question really, Has anybody noticed that "Miscellaneous" function a bit temperamental?

It takes about 10 times hovering over it sometimes before you can actually access a function. I've noticed when you are over certain objects it does it but other times it does it on its own too.

Any bug fixes etc for it?

Alesi Sanchez

cities list

Trying to get the 'cities list' javascript code right.

The Farm overview works fine so I've tried variations on the following with no success:


Could anyone help me to correct this?


Trying to get the 'cities list' javascript code right.

The Farm overview works fine so I've tried variations on the following with no success:


Could anyone help me to correct this?
Which one are you referring to exactly? Are you referring to the drop down menu that pops out when you click the city name on the upper left?