Rap Battle


Have fun Bli!
You rap tomarrow with me
Although I think we can all agree
Id look good with a goatee. ;)


Bli give it up, please don't speak
Your words like your rhymes are less than weak
Your useless tactics and empty threats
Will leave your allies with sad regrets
Regrets that your crew follows fools with water guns
This is war man, go stand with the nuns
Cause when the dust settles and you look at the score
TU will have little and Alpha will have more
I'm talkin bout respect, I'm talkin bout glory
I'm talkin bout puttin a happy ending to the story
I'm talkin bout the age of Aquarius to come
When the tyrants of yesterday beat that final drum
And once you're defeated don't come back
Man cut the lights out and fade to black


E&C are hating on me.
Don't realise what has yet to be seen.

Alpha is filled with spies who lie.
Even your council cowars and cries.
They fall for the same old tricks.
Getting laughed at while I flick my bicks.
Light a stoggie and blow the smokie,
right in your faces as I'm laughin, "Oh geez".

Not your cities, yes it's time,
E think he has better the rhymes.
It don't matter cause it's half the battle.
Tu herd Alpha like they're cattle.
Fill your cities to the rim,
cause that where they will swim.
Sinking down to the ocean floor.
Gonna kick Alpha out the Omi door.
You can try to speak about me,
watch how long it takes you to be,
with your allies in the dead sea.

No dust around here just lots of flames,
from Burning Biremes Alpha claims.
Water guns and stinking nuns,
those are for after Tu has won.
is for the crops,
the things we use to fuel our Ops,
These tactics have proven useful,
Man my buddy,
he be fruitful,
Clearing your harbors, I'm a tool,
Falling for tricks like a fool.
No city slot?
Don't worry it's cool.
Tiziman he can't lend a hand.
Busy blocking from the Blizzy band.
Alpha is already toasted,
histories "most",
No room for boastin.
just get lost,
you've been roasted!

I enjoy workin with the Tu alliance,
Unlike Alpha who has no reliance.
Although we know you will deny this,
it don't mean much no one will miss.
Alpha can't win without sixty-five,
A number you can bet will survive.
An ocean you've been kicked out of before, (X2)
this time there ain't nothing more.
No one to recruit, only little spies,
who won't come over and meet their demise.

Its of no matter, no signifigance,
Let take this rap back from this,
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Don’t worry Bli-Z, it ain’t about hate
Its all a desire to see you vacate
That position of power where you dictate
It’ll end someday and man I can’t wait
Just like you can’t wait to try and instigate
While sucking and sipping your leader’s lactate
At the end of the day we won’t take the bait
And all of your words will just evaporate

Like every other TU promise... Empty propaganda


Look at all these Fighting
War of the words or War of Whining
But seems like our Forum Mod is nail biting
All these cities seem to be mining
Preparing for the War Which is INCOMING!!!!!

Bombs away my friends ;)


Ev, come stand next to me.
This forum wasn't designed with we in mind.
So scared?
Gotta change the subject?
It's not my fault you're the reject.

Listen I'll tell you once.
I'm done looking at you the dunce.
How are ya?

Time to take this rap where it's at.
I'm popular, Quite famous I say.
Quite lookin at me find a new rap someday.
I'm gonna ignore these sorry sobs.
Hiding in Vm, gonna get robbed.

It's alright, can't complain,
blow your gold on hiding in shame.
Eq the wall,
to start it all,
Laugh and Laugh as our enemies fall.

Ev gonna rap bout me all day,
Gonna run out of things to say.

Now we're at the final part.
No need here, for me to start.
I'm dipping out, from this nubby can,
Say peace out to the Blizzy man!



Yeh better go start in kappa
Cause henever i c ur puny little rhyme
I skip over em cause they aint worth the time
So go to kapp wher the forums dead
Cause if u stay over here itll be ur head
You keep asking for peace?
I dont stop till bli deseace
So go home litttle fella'
straight to Great Aunt Stella
And tell her how you failed
while my rhyming prevailed


All I got to say is: "Oh gee"
your really think your buddies will beat ME?
Yeah you an TU will end up in the sea
that is, sea number three
Well you wanted to fight, and there is no fee
Except all that free Defensive BP

Alpha is betterthat T-U
Youll wish the war is through
when I break the walls down and some face-2-face with u
Yah u just let my catalpults come right to you
Fighting yo militia is what troop are trained to do
Just look at it from my point of view
and youll see ur no-attack pass is almost over-due

Yeah Big C got the stuff
You think ur so tough
Wll ill wait 4 ur rhyme, eatin my cream puff!
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Christian is beast
But actually you are a Weast
You moved East
In fear of Unit's feast
Now you call me little yeast
Ask me to move to another server full of deceased??

Omicron is my Home
My cities are like Rome
Attack your allies like a foam
your men would die in my Catacomb

Dont push me or else you will feel my wrath
Do something which you can do like take a Bath
Then see who is Rhyming what.

Btw I am your Ally Why are you fighting me?
If you want to Fight Go fight Bli.

Bli zankity

I am fine mate
Trying to rap here for a decent rate
But something tells me not to skate ;)
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You guys, just watch the master,
you think your fast, well I'm faster,
You talk about all this wrath (in a bath)
well lemme tell you summin', I'm gonna blast,
get out of my face
this place
as I chase
you to hell
your gonna see what I'm made of
I'ma crush you like play-dough
you wanna see what I can do
well lemme tell you,
that you can't think
you can't imagine
you can not bloody comprehend,
the things that I will do
if I think you
deserve my attention
let there be a moment of suspension
before you think about messing w'me


You say "Stop fighting Bli"
Now you say "Stop fighting me"
Who do you want me to fight?
MasterofGrepolis? Yah right.
I rap everyone here
Soon Ill have fans that cheer
"Go C! Go C!"
And thats how it oughta be!


This rap,
Man it's turning to crap.

Never took a poetry class?
your rhymes sure stinks like sass.

At first, I was having a blast,
Now I can see it ain't gonna last.

This forum,
is filled with "um,"
I can't read this without some rum.

Maybe then, I can stand to read,
all this nonsense, it's makin me bleed,.

This forum ain't here to talk crap,
maybe, you should listen to pap.
Wasn't made for talking smack,
make me wish my screen was black.
cause I need the dark,
if your words cut like a shark,

I can see, we've lost the rythme,
need a new one to keep up this system.

None of you guys can beat my rhymes,
though you'll keep talking till the end of time.

So much space in between,
it's what I mean,
it needs to be seen.

Can't get down with your words,
if your typing like, a single turd.

Spread them out,
No need to shout.
One line at a time is what it's all about.
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I never said Stop Fighting Bli
The only thing i said is We are good for Glee :p
Dont get me wrong We are all rapping here
So i am gonna stop now and go grab a beer


Go C! Go C!
Right out the door, G
Fool is crazy
Thinks he gully.

Tripin lil' busta,
aint no playa
gona break it down
like an elevatah.

Kid thinks we playin
But alpha's no haven
Wait for the call,
It's a 187.

Ain't no rhyme nor reason
times up
you wont last another season.



Whether battle on the field or rapping on the forum christians skills have me dying of boredom. Your up here battling like a man who is ready to go even after surrendering your alliance to the foe. After your dead and gone you'll always be remember as the weak quitter who gave up leadership to become spillers boot licker, now its time you realised by the sword or pen TU is quicker.

You were a winner part of the supreme team but you left to join the sim city regime. What went around is about to come back around now sit back and watch us pound you in to the ground. Keep talking you crap in your bad rap about how Alpha will be the winner while you watch your city walls fall faster than an east berliner. Its grepostats you need to explore because this "you can't beat us" crap is becoming a bore especially when your losing by a cricket score.

This war is a case of sim vs brawn if you think you so hard then bring it on. Your leaders don't allow you to talk about us like saying the name TU is worse than a curse they tell you don't even look at them just keep your eyes focused on your purse. Now we already know who is the better fighters and I think we just proved TU are are the superior rhyme writers. When your down to one city and your almost dead I will enjoy reminding you of all the things you said. Now run along your boss needs his shoes shined and you need to take care of the rest of the chores you have been assigned.


Murty, Murty you’re gonna regret ever stepping into my ring brotha…

Hello Mr. Murty, welcome to my ring
Where my viciouz flow to your knees it will bring
And I know you’re familiar with being down there
But I don’t judge my man, none of us care
You think you’re superior at writing rhyme?
Man get out of here quit wasting my time.
So you lie and you cheat to attain your position?
People are bored of your war of attrition
The masses will wake and all eyes will see
Your treacherous ways and hypocrisy
You aren’t a friend, no one to trust
Just someone to beat and grind to dust
Shining boots? These insults you fire?
Deep down inside they’re your inner desire
You want in Alpha, its ok, I know
But we don’t want you, sorry Bro
You’ll try and ignore me and you’ll say I’m a joke
But inside you’ll be angry, tired and broke
A broken man with a thousand cities
While I’m at the bar with a fine set of *EXPLETIVE*
Go hang with Bli as he does all your bidding
But just remember this is all just in kidding

:p Don’t ignore me man


I looked at this list and started to laugh
that your all into this whole load of crap

I dare not join in nor bring you new joys
for this forum is silly talking like boys

Hope you all grow up and move on with life
now I go to bed and sleep with my wife

Just kidding you all, my kids are in bed
so I'm sitting right here still scratching my head.



Lady Gaga Parody

It doesn matter if you attack him or HIM.. Just get some swords up because its war this way Baby ;)
My momma told me when I was young,
“You’re gonna roam the streets!”
She sharpened my spear & put my armor on
And sent me off in my fast transport boats.

All you need to do is tune your skills
Then sharpen your shield untill it shines
Who gives a crap if all the noobs just stare
Just listen up and you’ll be fine

I’m powerful this way
Bodnapa makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
Its war this way!

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I read this forum and just shake my head
its no wonder all your troops are dead
Your raps may be tight, that much I'll admit
but you need to learn to fight, instead of just talking about it

Murty's ok, and Bli's not a slouch
as for the rest of you go lie on the couch.
I checked on your stats and frankly they are lame,
in the list of best fighters where is your name?

My advice to you all is give this rap thing a rest
Inside the game is where you prove who is best.
Rhyming your words may give some sense of glory,
but Grepostats tells a whole different story.