rate the above player


Player name: aaxc

Alliance: Evo 9/10 (-1 cuz you do not uphold your doctrine.. harboring fugitives...)
Rank: Ranked 78 9/10
ABP: 170,229 9/10
Total BP: 176,596 (lack of D points makes me wonder how you would do if someone came at ya 7/10)
Reputation: Good I guess 9/10

(Total) 45/50


You can't imagine how much I wait for the day I get attacked. Sad to see all the def units die all the time supporting other players :(


Player: EnasEllinas

Rank: 85 but 16th in overall BP 10/10
Did not lose one city in Evo mass attack 10/10
Picked up 6 cities in 2 days 10/10 (Nice BP ;)
The Brotherhood Elite's #1 Gun 10/10
Rep: -1 for vulgar forum messages that I have to edit :D

Total: 49/50