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ive been waiting for this:

admiral noober

position: 69 over a camel
BP: 1/10 get off VM then we will talk about BP
Alliance: 1/10 do u meant that lousy slacking thing u call an alliance?
Reputation: 10/10 MR. Vacationer, Noober, Camel, etc etc etc



position: 6/10 - spread over 4 oceans, marching north now and still going strong
BP: 5/10 - ABP/DBP pretty leveled, which should change soon in favor of ABP
Alliance: which alliance? Edaken himself IS the alliance!
Reputation: hmmm.... big talker, respected for his fighting skills, but not loved by anyone (which is good for a warrior, I guess). Needs to work on his egomanic temper.


ouch, i simmed first 2-3 months of the server, otherwise would have more cities, bp, more everything



Position: 7/10 - Spread out but moves and transitions as needed to where the fight is.
BP: 8/10 - Everyone above him in the rankings has more cities than him.
Alliance: I am going to leave this blank. He may not be in a strong alliance but he has the backing of other top ranked alliances.
Reputation: 8/10 - Regardless of what you think of him personally, when you see him on your island, your first though is "I need more LTS".
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whatcha gotta do to get a 10/10??? donate a kidney? first born child?


position: 10/10 hes on all the frontlines and has enough lts behind him not to need to ask his alliance
bp: 10/10 besides vera the fake, and artemesia nobody has more
alliance: 8/10 though battered in the previous weeks/months,, they leade in bp, and have regrouped and are now taking the fight to craptye
reputation: guys a pri-- but he always helps and supports. so hes ok by me.