rate the player above you part 2!

The Mighty ZEUZ

e need to liven up these forums a bit, with something that won't be locked hopefully...
So don't spam!

Basically this is very simple and im sure you've seen this before-

Rate the poster above you in the following categories:
Points /10
Alliance /10
BP /10 (once protection is over)
Name /10
Rep /10

Can also give comments as well as just the number.

so... GO! (remember to post your in game name if it is different to your forum one)(I am Ladywind)

(yes i did steal it form TOH but figured this would get it back tot he top and get some forum responses - hopefully)

The Preatorian

The Mighty Zeuz
Points 5/10 on par
Alliance 6/10
BP 6/10 (good dbp, need more abp)
Name 1/10 lol it confuses everyone (in-game ladywind)
Rep 10/10 Good guy all around.

Mr Moo Man

Points 2/10 Can't say much but keep growing !! :p
Alliance 3/10 Still need a lot of impressing to do
BP ?/10 Still to early to say
Name 8/10 Very catchy name =D
Rep 1/10 Had to search the name but then again too early to judge


points - 7/10 (if you are behind me something is wrong)
alliance - 5/10 (hmmmmm, can't say much, being nice)
BP - 8/10 (more then me so I say better there)
Name - 8/10 - interesting, not sure if you are a farmer or just like cows
Rep - 5/10


points- 8/10 (high up there)
alliance- 10/10 (to me you got a top notch alliance)
BP- 8/10 (lots more than me and close to your points rating)
name- 6/10 (not that interesting compared to some)
rep- 10/10 (if you don't know you then you haven't been paying attention to the alliances or forums)

The Mighty ZEUZ

points - 4/10 could do better
Alliance - 7/10 decent alliance - i dont know much about them.
BP - 3/10 both kinda low - can always get more by supporting or attacking.
Name - 5/10 I dont think i could of thought of a more original name
Rep - 2/10 I dont know you
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Mr Moo Man

points -5/10 Decent i guess
Alliance -14 /10 that the rank of your alliance :p
BP - 8/10 Very good just need to work on getting some cities
Name -4/10 As stated before very confusing and not fan of ZEUS in caps...or any word in caps but good name
Rep - 7/10 If it wasn't for forums i would not have know'd you but i do now so all around nice guy. Pss maybe even nicer then SweetT :D

Compering me with top player huh ?? I am honored LOL

and i should be around 2.4/10 then =P
femtp 1027362
Mr Moo Man 241006
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points 6/10 (i compare with top leader fempt)
alliance 10/10
BP 7/10
Name 1/10 (im sorry but thats just bad)
Rep 7/10

The Mighty ZEUZ


Points - 4/10 - cedent
allaince - 3/10 - decent
BP - 4/10 - could be a bit better
Name - 8/10
Rep - 6/10 - I know you ingame but you just started coming to outer forums.

The Preatorian


Points - 2/10
allaince - 2/10 probably nice guys but not a contender
BP - 1/10 haven't hit 10k on ABP or DBP
Name - 5/10 I don't know what it means
Rep - 5/10 I don't know what to think of anything you say because you appear to be a rookie on the stats.


Points - 7/10
alliance - 10/10 (only because i like sweetT)
BP 8/10
Name - 6/10 (idk i just cant rate it higher)
rep - 10/10 (i have to hook you up)

Spuds Mackenzie


Points: 1/10
Alliance: 0/10
Name: Well i hope the poles are cold or we will all be swimming
REP: 1/10

Just starting out so will hope you get better



Pts 3/10
Ally 4/10
BP 4/10
Name 5/10
Rep 7/10 you have a good amount of posts


Points: 7/10
Name:10/10 who doesnt like whiskey
Rep: 7/10

break stuff


Points: 8/10

Alliance: 9/10

Bp: 8/10

Name: 9/10 ( I like the name )

Rep: 8/10