Rate the Player above you


Okay, this forum is dead. So, lets get some more life in it :)

Rules are simple. Just follow the format below.

Points: /10 (How the players points are)
Alliance: /10 (How good the player's alliance looks/is)
ABP: /10 (Attack Battle Points)
DBP: /10 (Defence Battle Points)
Rep: /10 (How well known you are.)

Total: /50


Points: 10 Most people know this guy, he lives in the Delos forum. :)
Alliance: 10 What can be said about LD they are constantly on the front foot and have been in conflict since the world started
ABP: 10 Nice amout of ABP no problems there
DBP: 8 This isn't the players fault whos going to attack him there isn't many enemies left out there :)
Rep: 8 Bit of a way to go only 199 posts, hes on here constantly nw so will get there eventually.



I'll just do mac again because my ratings of mike might be a bit skewed lol.

Points: 10 - top 25 in the world so that's self explanatory.
Alliance: 10 - Not really much to say here, LD's just solid all around.
ABP: 10 - 10th in the world, nice job :)
DBP: 7 (?) - About the same as me lol, don't get attacked very often so not much you can do about your dbp.
Rep: On Delos I'd give you a 9 I suppose, one of the only people left on these dead forums :)

Total = 46/50


Hello I have dropped in again!

This is Mute's, I don't play ont he world but have looked at grepostats :)

Points: 9/10 Pretty Good But It has been a long time on Delos
Alliance: 10/10 one of the 3 probably going to go for quite a while longer
ABP: 10/10 71st in the top 100 is good for me
DBP: 7/10 i don't really understand this since it doesn't depend on the players skill
Rep: 7/10 could do a bit better for 100 posts but doesn't really matter

Total: 43

Please understand this is my opinion no hard feelings


SPORTSAXZ happy you made it back..

Points: 8/10 He is a Solid player who is always willing to help his alliance.
Alliance: 10/10 The Empire of Death is one of the top three alliance in Delos. Don't let the numbers fool you we have been in many wars and everything has fell before our shadow. We (E.o.D)
ABP: 7/10 He could of done better. But i am happy with what i saw.
DBP: 6/10 For how active he was. He could of helped more members. But he did help all Ocean leaders & team leaders.
Rep: 10/10 I would invite him back to (E.o.D) in one second. We miss you and hope that you are doing well.

Total: 41


points 10/10 hes ranked 28th so really good
alliance 10/10 EoD is the alliance i wanted to be in since the start of delos and is an amazingly organized offensive force
abp 10/10 deboy is 50th and has been playing brilliantly not only helping with things that benefit him but the alliance aswell
dbp 9/10 he is ranked 82nd and i still dont see y this is relevent
rep 9/10 175 posts and on the EoD forum so frequently helping others out