Rate The Player Above You


Alliance - 7.5/10 Nice group of players, getting criticized for being point whore but I know they are great at fighting :)

the big bad:
Points - 8/10 good size, can tell your more troop oriented
BP - 9.5/10 ABP to DBP ratios is awesome
Alliance - 6/10 looks like a quality group but not that dense
Rep - 2/10 not too familiar with you.

Overall - 25.5/40 not bad at all



7/10 - Not that great in points, around the same as me but I am top in the charts for bp, You could have a large army but who cares about points this early it really says very little about a player IMO
7/10 - Low by my standards but I have very high standards and maybe you were just unlucky in your early attacks hitting only militia.
9/10 - Appears to have decent bp and is of higher quality than 9/10 of the other alliances
5/10 - I am back from retirement, not familiar with you but this doesn't mean much I have given you a neutral number since I have not been around and have not seen you in action or heard of you other than the posts I have seen.
Points: 6/10 (I know you don't care about points)
BP: 9/10 (2k points in top 10 not often you see that)
Alliance: 9/10 (Not every alliance is perfect but it's hard to pick faults with yours currently)
Rep: 8/10 (You was in Nordic Nightmares with me and other alliances, skilled and aggressive + seen you around alot)

Total: 32/40

Joseph Nieves

Points: 6/10 Kind of low in points, not that points really matter right now.
BP: 7/10 In the top 250 in BP but your numbers aren't that high.
Alliance: 8/10 Your alliance is doing pretty good at the moment, although you guys need a bit more bp than what you have.
Rep: 9/10 I have seen you in the forum often, you seem to be well known and like by many.

30/40 Pretty good :)


Points: 7/10 Not too bad for this early in the world, could be higher but I have no room to talk.
BP: 9/10 Top 50 is great.
Alliance: 9/10 Top Alliance in my opinion at this time. Still too early to say who is going to be the best.
Rep: 7/10 I have seen you around the forums and seen you in a world, not bad.

32/40 Not too bad

Raven Swift

Points: 6/10 -- Same as I had before I restarted but as long as he builds more troops then he is keeping in line with acceptable growth.
BP: 6/10 -- In the top 200 so it's not bad but not brilliant either.
Allaince: 5/10 -- Recently made it seems but they do seem to resemble of an alliance like Dirty South in Rizinia where they are under the radar and will probably have solid offense/defense.
Rep: 0/10 -- Who even is this guy?

17/40 because I'm just your average Simon Cowell :cool:
Points - 7/10 Just started here Friday and have done well so far.
BP - 2/10 Still under protection
Alliance - 4/10 They joined late and joined all split up.
Position - This doesn't apply to player skill so void.

total of 13/30 points


Points 7/10 Top 200 is good
BP 8/10 Top 20 is better
Alliance 8/10 When we war, its gonna be a good one. I know you guys have fighters.
Position 5/10 You are a bit far from your alliance's main core. That is a disadvantage early in-game.

Total 28/40...looking good.

And I will add good forum personality as well.

Raven Swift

Seems like u restarted so no use in rating u
-Aarya Drottningu
I've sprung back and have a few islands to occupy for myself thank you very much. Also, it would have been courteous for you to do so, as of the topic being "Rate the player above you"

It's like me saying "There's no point in rating you because you're in BP."

Now either you can do one of the following:
Rate or Bail.


Raven Swift:
Points 1/10: only 200 points?
BP 0/10: no BP?
Alliance .5/10: Only you in it?
Position 0/10: On an island where your easily farmed by high point members...
Rep 7/10: I like your forum presence.

Overall 8.5/50: This would be allot better if there were some stats to look at ig.



Points: 5/10 - 2.3k isn't great isn't terrible. Rank 337 in world so at least top 500.
BP: 3/10 - Lower ABP and DBP ranking then your point ranking, not what I like to see.
Alliance: 6/10 - One of the top 5 alliances. Would be ranked higher if I didn't think so poorly of the colonizations.
Position: 9/10 - On an island with a lot of friendlies and close to enemies. Doesn't get much better then that.
Rep: 4/10 - Never heard of you myself, but I know you're diplo for A Team. 4 bars = a 4 rank.

Overall: 27/50 - I would like to see much higher fighter and BP rankings for your location and size.



points - 6/10 - average, no 2nd villa yet.
BP - 8/10 - getting picked on and attacking Kalli a bit aye ;) top 20 is great
Alliance - 8/10 - taking the fight to Kalli pretty well... also, are you taking on A Team???
Position - 7/10 - seemingly safe, but ALOT of enemies around, good luck
Rep - 9/10 - hear about you all the time, mostly good, some bad, 10 bars of rep, but some of my good friends think your immature, i wouldnt know, i dont know you well enough :D

38/50 - your doing well for your position, and great BP, keep up the good work.



Points : 9/10 - *Point whore* doing good in top 10
BP : 7/10 - Bad for your rank but in top 100 is good ABP
Alliance : 8/10 - Condemned :)
Position : 10/10 - Core? Good :)
Rep : 5/10 : Dont know you



Points:6/10 U were here for 2 days and still u dont have 1k points
BP:still in bp
Profile:0/10 no profile :p
-Aarya drottningu



Points: 3/10
BP:still in bp
Alliance:1/10 - hardly a alliance
Rep:4/10 no idea about you
Profile:1/10 you get 1 because you have a profile


bp:8/10 less than me in abp (i joined a couple of days late :p) have some nice dbp too
Alliance:9/10 looking very good overall

-Aarya drottningu


Aarya drottningu

points:7/10 obviously joined late
bp:8/10 not bad for joining late
alliance:8/10 givin them the benefit of the doubt (low bp for the amount of members)
rep: 8/10
profile: 9/10 love the pic

total: 40/50



points: 3/10 - crummy points, although you did start late.
bp: 7/10 - top 100, so not too bad
Alliance: - 9/10 - Great alliance, solid BP, deffinitly a contender for the top.
rep: - 0/10 - red rep, one post? go back to the game...
profile - ? what i hate clowns to 0/10

Overall - 19/50 - got a lot of work to do.