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The game is simple: Just rate the player above you based on the following. Fill out the X's accordingly.

Player: ______
Points: X/10
ABP: X/10
Total BP: X/10
Reputation: X/10
Overall: X/40

Additional -
Alliance: X/10

Dunno how much use this will get considering the Mesembria forums are fairly dead but would be nice if some people could post here


Player: Kannerak
Points: 6/10
5 points for being above average for is alliance and an extra point for being in the top 15 of an ocean.
ABP: 6/10
Good ABP for size.
Total BP: 7/10
Again has been defending often.
Reputation: 10/10
He has an awesome reputation as someone striving to improve the forums
Overall: 29/40

Alliance: 5/10
Good alliance but not the best in sheer numbers or pound for pound statistics.


Player: Ponini21

Points: 7/10
Good amount of points, but there's room for improvement.

ABP: 5/10
Decent, but would say it's on the lower side.

Total BP: 6/10
Decent ABP, but can definitely add more with a little more aggression.

Reputation: 10/10
Often read their posts on the forums and they bring life and activity to the community.
Keep it up!

Overall: 28/40

Alliance: 8/10
Excellent alliance with some impressive players.
Some inactives which need to be dealt with.


Player: Rising Leg End

Points: 5/10

ABP: 3/10
Step your game up, son.

Total BP: 4/10
Your DBP will rise more when I start destroying you.

Reputation: 0/10
Such a knob

Overall: 12/40
That's being generous.

Alliance: 1/10
You guys suck.

OK, I'll stop messing now haha.
I'll leave someone else to rate legend, disregard this post.
just winding him up ;)


HAHAHA mantis I was so confused and then I saw his alliance and realised you were taking the piss. I'll do two then
Player #1: Rising Legend

Points: 8.5/10
Close to the top but no cigar. Considering he is a founder of REPO I'm assuming he started at the same time as mantis? Has a good amount of points and I'm assuming his low city averages are because he wants big nukes?

ABP: 9.5/10
Good ratio for his ABP to points. Good work. Only way to improve is more more more

Total BP: 9/10
A little lower but still good for his points rank. Like alot of the REPO crew seems very offensive minded.

Reputation: 8/10
Founder of REPO (6 points) and notorious attacker (2 points). Only way to improve this would be to post more on the forums, be in the top 10 of a worldwide rank or do something dumb like disband an alliance.

Total: 35/40

Alliance: 8.5/10
Seem a bit lost on the points front, but I like the way they play. Selective, yet a join us or die vibe. Very good ABP ranking. Not alot of DBP's, maybe start a big war on a top 10 alliance eh. That'll get the BP's rolling. Good work guys keep it up, but don't go too well. I wouldn't want ya winning the world on me!

Player #2: self-proclaimed mantis

Points: 10/10
Is there really any other option i can give when he is rank #7 and is top5 in three oceans?

ABP: 10/10
Is there really any other option i can give when he is rank #2 and has the most ABP for miles around his area? Only one other player in the top10 is situated above the cores other than mantis and they don't even have half as many as he does. ABP rank is higher than his points rank.

Total BP: 10/10
Is there really any other option i can give when he is rank #3 in BP overall? Anyway, his BP rank is higher than his points rank. That's a big plus for me. I would say he needs more DBP but I don't think that's really his fault considering how much of an aggresive player he seems to be

Reputation: 9/10
Seems like a good guy, can tell he's a good player, posts on the forums here and there, I should probably give him a 10 for here but I don't want to give him a perfect score. Lol

Overall: 39/40

Alliance: Same as above


Player: Kannerak
Points: 4/10
ABP: 6/10
Total BP: 5/10
Reputation: 11/10
Gave a bonus point for being super active in forums :)
Overall: 26/40

Additional -
Alliance: 8/10


Player: Mr.Weedman
Total BP:7/10
Reputation:2/10 no idea who you are sorry :(

Alliance: 7/10 A feisty alliance for sure :D


Player: Virdian
Points: 11/10 - No complaints here ;) good job on making Nr. 1
ABP: 4/10 - I had to scroll when looking at the top ABP page ( Im looking at ratio to total points here)
Total BP: 5/10 - ABP/DBP ratio is good but rank 47 BP for a rank 1 player
Reputation: 9/10 - Hes got Rep thats for sure ;) and hes a nice guy +1

Additional - The maxed cities really deserve a minus point

Overall: 29-1 / 40

Alliance: 7/10 Well, we up north havent had the honor of dealing with them, but I respect them for fighting the top dogs, Mayhem ;)

This ranking thing isnt going to be good for me Im so tiny in comparison XD


Player: Thecorsair70

Points: 6/10
6th place in ocean is good :)
ABP: 4/10
BP: 4/10
Overall: 19/40




PTs: 8.3/10 good points considerably higher than I.
#1 in o34 nice
Abp:6/10 for 49th biggest in world i expect more.
Bp: 6/10 better than I though
Rep:6/10 sure
Overall:7.1/10 seems to be a bang up player to bad your ways away