Well you guys got me good. My home computer crashed friday night so I can only get on once every day or two through the next week or so. I didnt activate vm to run and hide I activated it cus I dont have the ability to get to a computer regularly
Whatever, run and hide or computer problems, you don't stand a chance so whenever your ready to return we will be ready for you. We took 9 cities and not one had even 1 ship or troop in it, you must have had some computer access to be able to empty out those cities so quickly and not allow us any bp in the process, not to mention some of the other cities were attacked and nothing in those either. That is ok though you want to keep your cities empty we will be glad to take them with no resistance. I just hope I am back from VM when you return so I can join in the fun.

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Full of it

You really are full of it, I have heard so many lame excuses but you could've come up with something more original.
You remind me of the football manager, who, after his teams defeat, blamed the grass was too long, the oppositions manager replied, "well it was the same pitch we played on".
If you had stayed at TS, like you should've, you would still have your cities, and probably more, but your ego was nagging at you.
All I can say is hurry back, we all got slots and CS's waiting for the remainder of your empire, and don't forget, the longer you stay away , the more slots and CS's we will have.
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actually jusan my cities were cleared by random attacks from xchris according to the few reports i read when I activated vm. If I had dodged your attacks wouldnt I have pulled em back to snipe the cs? And if i was running and hiding as a coward with no intentions to keep playing the game, would I be keeping up to date on the forums?


Wachakow stop dissing me on the public forums you dont know me. It takes alot of guts to call someone you dont know a coward....
I don't think anyone is calling you a coward, rather the opposite. Mostly we wish you good luck in your venture. Wiser players have only pointed out the difficulty you face in pulling together a cohesive and viable alliance without close friends and allies.



how many times will this alliance reborn? it is dead once again