Reformation of Grepolis



I know the below might have been debated before but i think its time to bring it up again.

Grepolis is slowly dying and most of us have already realized that this game isnt one of Inno’s top games (prop. Not even in top 5). Most national servers are looking like ghost towns and even EN a loosing players by the hundreds.

My suggestion is that all national servers gets put down and be gathered into one community. For those who worry about lack of night protection this Can still be active in some servers (make it changable).

This should bring us back to servers with +10.000 players and thereby more fun. Whats
To loose about it?

Give it a thought Inno - this ones for free o_O

Best regards


I agree with you. We are censored when we discuss this, but we can bring it to life ourselves.
It is opt to us to make it great again. Look at what some of us did in Carystus and now in Istros.
There are ways to spicy the game.....


it would be a good idea. only issue IMO is a possible language barrier.
I think its a risk Inno will have to take. Some national server Can barely have more than 4 alliances - it seems pointless in keeping such a community. If you dont give people the opportunity they’ll automatically join the remaining community.

An ideas could be to make it possible to Change language in the game so it Can be costumized to each player. Shouldnt take much effort for the developers as its already created in several languages on the different national servers. The wording between the players is already mixed to some extend in the game. I’ve played german server despite being complete blank on the language lol :)


Apologies for replying to an oldish thread but I was going to make my own about this matter so I thought it would be best to reply here. I'm surprised this hasn't been discussed more.

I'd like to lend my support to this idea. I was reading back over Epsilon's forum recently, and it brought back great memories of how popular Grepo used to be. There was a great sense of immensity about worlds back then. I know that we will probably never reach those levels of popularity again, but worlds are getting smaller and smaller and it just doesn't make sense to divide the player base as much as it is currently divided. Perhaps it makes sense for Inno's business model, but it's having a negative impact on the community.

I don't see any major disadvantage for players. We are already allowed to freely join servers of other nationalities and it is common to find people from all over the world playing on en worlds. I don't think time-zones are an issue at all. If anything, it adds to the excitement of the game.

The one major problem, as @1saaa mentioned, would be the language barrier. As I am writing this on the en forums, I won't speak for non-English speaking servers but I think at the very least, we could merge en, us, and servers from countries with a high percentage of English speakers, such as the Dutch server, or even the German server. :)


Is language a barrier ? These days most people speak english and even if your english is not that good, that shouldn't be a problem


Plus Inno shouldn't release so manny worlds....

The more worlds you release, the smaller they wil get.
Why not keep the national forums for everyone but take world sub sections off of them? Instead use them for announcements, acropolis, premades, and off topic stuff? In addition add a new international forum (not EN) which could be used as a complete forum like the current set up on EN.

If the worlds were combined (which I support). I believe that they would have to be used on a new international server where all achievements are wiped out and everyone starts fresh. However I believe gold should transfer via an email confirmation link.


Something needs to be done but the truth is I don't know if this would be enough, Grepo needs a significant influx of players to be what it once was. Unfortunately, this is a hard game to advertise, I don't know how to describe what I love about grepolis so my friends all think I'm crazy for waking up at night for alarms. Maybe grepo should really improve the referral rewards, make it leveled so you get more gold if your referred player is actually active/good.


Its hard to say what is the right solution but with these new end games presented by Inno (i Can understand that a new one is coming again with temples?) then it seems like Inno is finally investing some time again into the game.

i’ve just played a german server and numbers has decreased alot since the last one i played 4-5 years ago (and i suck speaking german lol) where they were at least on the same level as EN numberwise. National servers like Danish or swedish are even more decreased with barely three full Alliances Per server. So if Inno wants to make that final push for improvement before its too late the time is closing in rapidly.

its all or nothing so to say otherwise its dead within 2-3 years and even faster on the national servers.