Remove cap on farm building level


Now, hear me out. What it says in the title does sound too OP, but im proposing it with a twist that doesnt make it that OP.
My idea is that once you reach lvl 45 Farm, you have to pay 30k from each resource for next level, and maybe even pay with culture points. And each farm level would give less and less population.

For example:
Lvl 46 farm - cost: 1 culture point, 30k each ress, +40 population increase, 20 hour construction time (unable to remove const. time with gold)
Lvl 47 farm - cost 2 culture points, 30k each ress, +35 population increase 28 hour construction time (unable to remove const. time with gold)

And so on, with population increase following an exponential decay, and construction time increasing exponentionally.
Reason why this is good is because many players dont like to manage too many cities, so instead of unlocking more cities they can invest culture points into their already built cities to make them better. This will also make lot of exciting moments in the game when you can have 400-500 LS nuke, and it will add more strategy. inb4 people come crying this will be too OP, numbers of cost and population increase are up to inno to make and it would be up to them to NOT make it OP.
There are players who would prefer to have less cities, but having a 5000 pop nuke bomb instead, but having less cities also means less resource production, therefore less CP production. I think it would be balanced if implemented correctly.


Numbers are everything in this game and is what is making it good.
If you send a nice 500 nuke ls against 4k bir wall you destroy 431 birs
If you send 2x250 ls against the same number of birs it will be 377 so not the same.
The favor that you use to buff will be more for the guy with more cities. The luck will be on 2 attacks so more probably a negative one.
You have limited number of heroes so with the farm bigger you need just zuretha to buff the nuke but with more cities you will need zuretha and deimos to have the same buff. And if you have more cities you can cq better and with less travel time and better strategy.
A lot of things need to be discussed on this because when you have like 4-5 cities maybe is better to raise the farms then make another slot.