O Maoileoin

Well this will be my first thread created and also my last...

As most of the players who have been around for awhile know, I don't post much in the external forums... It's not really my style of play. But I do wish to bid you all farewell. Due to a few new RL developments, I won't have the time to continue. I'll be quitting both Theta and Pi.

I know that AX isn't the most popular alliance with many, but most do not really know us. We started out as just a few small players who joined the world late and wanted to have some fun outside of Theta. We quickly developed into a small, active, elite alliance who have dominated O35 since the beginning of Pi. It has always been our goal to maintain a tight dominant core, a goal we have more than achieved.

I have gained many friendships during my time in Pi, both among the AX family and even amongst enemies. It has been an absolute pleasure to play this incredibly time consuming game with all of you.

I wish you all the best of luck and know Pi will remain quite a fun little world to be a part of :)

O Mao

PS> I didn't create this thread to spur on an argument of who is/who is not an elite alliance. I don't care to argue anything in game at this point. This is purely a bid farewell to the many individual's with whom I've conversed with over the last year. Take it for what it is.


Awww Always sad to see a player leave :(

Never knew you, but I wish you the best of luck in RL :) Maybe come back someday!


Brock, very sad to see you go, I am very glad that I found Alliance X at my beginning of the has been a pleasure to fight side by side with you and you have been a wonderful leader. I am glad to have met you my friend good luck in all of your RL endeavours.

Your brother in arms,



Good luck Brock,hope life treats you well and all the best!