Revitalising Grepolis


It's no secret that this game has been on its last legs for a few years now, only being kept alive thanks to a few ''whales''. Although options have been brought up to give a new breath of life into this great game, none have really been financially viable or even doable. I want to suggest some things which could be done to better reach today's gaming audience.

The first thing to undertstand is the current state of the world we're in. There are two things in particular that most people share: 1) most people are too busy to spend all day and night on a game. 2) most people have a phone.

With these two bits of context established its time to suggest fixes:

Longer conquest time - The way this game is currently built, you absolutely need to have the mobile alarm and/or a flexible work schedule in order to not get conquered, or at least notice in time. If the conquest time was set to say, 24hrs regardless of world speed, then this game suddenly becomes a lot more playable. People will actually be able to sleep and go to work without constant phone supervision. It makes the game a lot less stressful for the average working man.
Scenario: Say you have a big work day coming up, you need your sleep. As soon as you go to bed someone manages to get a CS in your city. Under current CQ times youd wake up with maybe 2hrs left of CQ if youre in a speed 3. With 24hrs of CQ time you can wake up with 16hrs left, inform your alliance, go to work, come back with 6hrs left and then get down to trying to break it yourself.

The fact of the matter is that speeds 1-2 are too slow for most people, who wants to wait 12hrs for your level 20 academy? Speed 4+ is a lot more attractive but the only issue is the short CQ times. And yes, the argument could be made that that in itself slows the game down but I think the pros outweight the cons.

Regional servers - The way the game is currently built, each language gets their own server. This dilutes player base and that doesn't help anyone. You want a game which is full and has a wide range of people. If you make an EU server for example that already brings the average player count up quite a bit

Fix the app - The app has always been a source of complaints and for good reason, theres so many good comparables out there to draw inspiration from. One prime example is Clash of Clans

Move off the browser format - Browser games just aren't popular anymore and a change of platform might fix that. Putting grepolis on steam for example could open it up to a whole new audience and just make it easier to find

More game updates/Events - A game as old as grepolis, I find it crazy that I can only remember one major update in the last 8 years. Im not saying add in a bunch of new gods, troops, buildings and hope it sticks. Im just suggesting a bit of a wider variety which can introduce some interesting game mechanics. These can be rolled out slowly and with a few rebalances along the way but semi-frequent content updates do add to the gaming experience and keeps the game fresh

Events: The events we currently have are fine as is, I wouldnt mind a little update here and there to make them less copy paste images of each other but so what. The real events I want to suggst are summer worlds, tournaments. Like the summer speed world of old with the massive 50 speed you could make semi-annual hyper-high speed worlds. They would last a weekend or a week max, you would have to pay an entry fee and it would be a lot of grepo over a short time but I think it would be sucessful with a bigger player base, makes it special.

For a world like this you could also make unique parameters such as a different world ending, no colonisation, 5 player alliance cap and no shared forums. restricted unit types and so on...

In game transactions - Grepolis is a time based game so the fact that you can remove that element of time with gold makes it quite unfair. I am usually not one to agree that gold is the problem but in this case it definitely doesnt help. I would suggest to move to the old method where you can only cut the building time in half, making it a more even playing field. Gold would still help and if youre willing to spend you can still get miles in front of everyone else but the effects would be attenuated

Further in game transactions can still be events, gold trading, all that is fine. You could also add skins. I know its a bit overdone but it does pay. Either new city skins such as roman or egyptian style buildings or troops skins like a new uniform for the troops. This is a bit cheap but it pays. The last option is ads, another thing that pays, the only problem with that is the player discontent that it creates

Player suggestions - Lastly, most of us have been playing for years and years, we know what we like about the game and what we dont so Id say listen to your player base, open a line of communication. The player council circa 2018 was good but maybe do that again for the wider player base

Anyway these are my suggestions, some of them dont make too much sense but I can expand on them if needed.


I don't agree, on this, if it wasn't a browser game, I won't be here and I know a lot have it like me here, I absolutely only jump on APP. if I have too.
I agree that browser format is easiest access but this is about reaching the widest audience and that isn't found on browser anymore
Allowing community managers to just make up crap as they go is why 90% of the people I know that left, decided they had enough.
Both sides of the isle believe they are picking favorites.
Until the rules are transparent, and players can confirm they are being dealt with fairly, nothing will resurrect this game.
None of my gaming buddies will touch this game with a 10 ft pole over its shady appearance.
Its not enough to be fair, you must appear fair as well.
And "Just trust me" aint good enough.
With the addition of the anti "SPAM" tool in settings a while back,
simply removing the community managers at this point would be an improvement.

You FANBOIS can begin your screeching now.