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On the first day of Rho an alliance was formed named Infectious State, as a continuation of the top alliance on Lambda. The alliance was composed of many Zeta and Lambda veterans. They had led and been in number one alliance there and wanted to carry that over to a new more exciting server. All were pumped up for the excitement of an early server. Where a large ls nuke had 70 ships. The thrill of close conquests was a drug to them. Jw711 lead the way for a long period and put the alliance in the right direction. Kronnoss, nina36, meat4grinder and jw were the main leaders of the alliance. Jjalsmelton Ryejin and Randblade were some of the earliest and best players. The early skirmishes were against Knights Templar, Sons of Olympus, Mad Dogs, Mr Men and many other alliances that were struggling to grow… Infectious State was committed to growth and had the “recruiter” constantly on the lookout for talent… Ace 1-d and Enfantdeguerre were some of the many spotted.
The Sons of Olympus had a sizeable presence but only one alliance could share the core islands in April 2011 war was declared. The Sons of Olympus crumbled shortly after, the finest warriors lead by Merovig decided that Infectious States was the place to be and joined, Deadly Truth around this time decided that he should stop slacking and he that needed to catch up. Names were being carved out into history Frodob1, Robotank, Tirachinas, Kab000 making themselves the terror of ocean 44. These early days also saw cities lost to Mr. Men as both alliances struggled for control of central Islands and Ocean 44 & 54. After establishing a pact with Mr.Men nina36 and meat4grinder left Rho to focus on the lambda world while Jw had left the game entirely. It was at this time where Deadly Truth assumed the main leadership role. Kron and Rye stayed on board and together they continued the success that was enjoyed under the previous leaders.
Mad Dogs remained a constant thorn with attacks and harassment it was suggested to many players that they had made the wrong alliance choice. Only war could show them of the mistake they had made so, May 2011 they were the first to feel our strength in a lightning war,"Operation Rabies Vaccine" began and multiple cities fell!. The Legend of Driggs decided that no decision was irreversible and became infected! (Ryejin never gave him back his city though!). The Mad Dogs in no time were put down! Malicious Bloke and Firkirk joined the immortal team.
The next alliance that was threatening was the Order Of Assassins. Mudslinger was the founder of OoA, DT gave them a 48 hour declaration of war. They could disband the alliance within that timeframe or a war would begin. OoA saw the opportunity to strike first but were soon repelled. With their forces and resources depleted operation "Assassinate the Assassins" began and again multiple cities fell. SteveHunter, Rambo76239 decided evicting was better than eviction and joined with a few other select players. The new additions added a great spark to Infectious State. Around this time IS’s long time allies The Knights Templars merged into IS after weeks of diplomatic talks.
DT thought it was time for an image change. With so many original core players gone and countless other core players added it seemed like it was needed. A new alliance name was voted on, many choices were put forward, The Lubesters, Daleks….but “Eviction Notice” won (barely beat The Lubesters). With the right players, attitudes and name the powerhouse was here to stay.
In June 2011 the alliance HAVOC decided EN cities were ok to take… but they were WRONG!!
Around this time the first skirmishes on the ocean 43 front with Samurai, BoB and Dorians also started, Operation "Wreaking Havoc" and Operation "Samurai Seppuku" initiates the beginning of the end for these 2 alliances.
Kalaya migrates from ocean 55.
July sees more war with Havoc and Samurai, Lord Sisyphus leads mignunette, Satanic (whose name we hate ) and a few from the Samurai into EN after despair rampages through their depleted ranks, HAVOC leader ThatBloodyHippie soon follows with the survivors from his broken alliance, Liquid Nitrogen, Mazz666 and others come into the friendly ranks of EN where all warriors are welcomed
Now Sgt Slaughter’s besieged and isolated position in Ocean 43 has a sea of EN players arriving and conquering enemies and relieving pressure off him.
EN grows in reputation and strength.
Relative peace prevails up to late July,
But old memories of cities lost in early days still haunt EN… they could be held back no longer. On 27 July another Lightning war was declared against Mr Men. 60 cities were taken in 14 days. Players crumble against the onslaught… the beginning of a long battle of attrition begins, Mr Men form part of a grand alliance with Snakes, against the war tested EN veterans… over 300 enemies to less than a 100 EN players.
Blue Phoenix try to rise from the ashes of ocean 43 and through weight of EN attacks decide assimilation is a great idea!! Rondrew0703,Gunnellator Mercury046 and TONIADV join the EN freight train.
Mid August the Dorian league of alliances declare war on EN despite desperate measures from EN leadership for peace. 400-500 players now against less than 100 EN…. The Dorains lose more than 10 cities within a few days… EN none… goes down in Grepo history as one of the worst lightning war attempts. The Dorian Wonder Islands are stormed they lose 100+ cities and another top alliance crumbles under relentless attacks.
The Mr Men war still rages in ocean 54. It is a one way war with over 125 cities conquered.. few lost, relentless alliances operations against Mr Men players brings there leadership into the Versailles conference room late September…. Mr Men are dissolved, Prt50 leads 10 more superb warriors which are welcomed into EN ranks and the war versus the Snakes intensifies… operation "Happy Family" begins.... multi cities have been taken 1/10/2011. Snakes crumble mid October after an intense short lightning war, more great players are accepted into the war ranks of EN. But trouble seems to be brewing, late October rumors of secret weapons begin to circulate.... inspectors have been blocked...
Oct 28th EN inspectors sent to multiple Virus cities looking for weapons and strange new gods.. 11 cities fall to inspectors waving hand bags... nothing found.

Deadly Truth

Kronnoss wrote this. Did you get permission to copy it from him?