Right or wrong?


So as many know jeremy has ghosted my account and i have been in contact with our dear mod Richard. Since this is not ban related it shouldn't be deleted. This is purely a warning to the players and what inno thinks of its players.

I requested that my culture points be moved to a new account so i may come back properly. i was told even if it was a hack i wouldnt want to help you.

Now he says " No, im afraid is neither possible" meaning it is not something that can be done however i have spoken to a player personally from US.Delos who had this done for him.

This is what inno thinks of us, i have spent 1884.45$ ( 45 transactions i would post but trying not to let this thread get locked ) on this world alone between events and handing some friends gold. I never spend money im not willing to part with but for it to all be taken from me like this and for the HEAD MOD to tell me " nor ( if it were ) am i willing to do". I understand my fault in this entirely by not having the transfer done initially but i went through the effort with Richard personally to have my info changed. 8 days and i was given 1 response.

Is this response right or wrong from a head mod? If he Does this to a player spending this amount what do you expect in your time of need? Am i wrong for asking simply for my culture points on a new account, to continue playing with friends ( reds and blues )?


This is wrong, they refuse to respect the will of the community!!!!

We won't stand for this any longer, all credibility is gone and we no longer believe that Richard and his mods have our best interest or that of the game at heart.

There refuse to see that we will not take this lying done, we have requested that assist a fellow player and the whole server has stood in support of this cause. Sure the community manger and mods exist to protect the interests of the players and act?

By taking this stance who's interests are they serving? Certainly not the community they are employed to support?

We have spoke, now listen please.


I got banned 2 times without any justification or reasons, I could not even ask them to show me proof of this. It was a just cause thing.

This is what I think that happens when you get banned. And this is a democracy and I can state my opinion and thoughts.


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I would say all players on this server should send a message. No spending money anymore. People want to send a message and make a statement you have to do it by hurting them. Otherwise they will ignore all attempts. Lets not kid ourselves, 90% of the people will gold whore regardless. yet it would be nice if we all united for a cause.


I'm a really new player to this game, it's actually my one year of playing anniversary today
Where all these old time players can say how bad it has become, I can only say what I see after joining in, and since the old players are all quitting one by one by these outrageous things, the new player's impression is what should bother Inno.

First impression of the game was that it's obviously heavy pay to win. Which is fine IF that money gets used to make the game better
Turns out customer support is fluxed. Like really, really fluxed.
And I've spent almost 10k hours in VALVe games, which are famous for having horrible customer support
I have lost over €1500 in one of their games at some point because I got hacked, similar to what happened here
But you know what one of the world's most lazy and horrible customer supports did?
They restored it to my account
And keep in mind, that had a heavy impact on the economy that lives in those games, a influx of €1500 worth of stuff of which some were unique and which now existed twice

Meanwhile in Grepo land it's too much to ask from customer support that they even bother to be honest, let alone restore this guy's CP so he could get back to where he was quickly, something which wouldn't influence the game too much and most certainly wouldn't influence any economy, if anything it would make Inno more money

I'm really disappointed in the team behind this game.


For those just cruising the threads and giggling i got all my buddies to come post or something, out of these 6 posts there are 4 ( 5? ) different alliances. There needs to be a change, we deserve a customer service representative that we can respect and will respect us. We need someone who cares about each and every one of us, spenders and non spenders.

Post your thoughts, like these posts stand together as a community to accomplish change.


Looks like my reply was removed by Baudin TOOLan. I was infracted and based on my reply which essentially was "fix this or go infract yourselves" and the completely "competent" modding I've seen today. I don't expect i'll be staying around these parts much longer.

Just in case I go the way of Chalna wanted to say you guys are awesome and this community is still amazing after 6 years which is why I can't stay away. :)


I have to say in the 6 years i have played this game and the amount of money i put into it also to see something like this happen and all they get is a sorry we will not do anything to help makes me feel sick.
I have never seen a community of players come together and voice there feeling so much like all the guys have done over this problem yet it seems to be falling on deaf ears.
It shows you that for so many poeple from so many different alliances come together as one to show that this is clearly wrong.

This is not just one ,two or even a hand full of people asking for this to be put right this is a great percentage of the en93 server.
and then we have the mods deleteing forums because they say it is breach of the rules i dont see how that is when it is a group voicing what they feel is the right thing that should be done.

I for one will not be paying for any more gold any time soon and tbh this also makes me really want to quit the game yes i may only be one person but if inno treat us paying customers like this then i dread to think what is a head of us all


don't worry, they know better what is "against the rules" and what is not, so listen to them they know it better.. for those that did not get that. it was sarcasm..

anywho, i agree, its much easier to suppress the problems that community(us) raise at the mods than to actually try and fix this, i can bet anyone that when INNO bosses say that they watch for forums do not see any of the raised problems we say as to one simple thing, our current mods thing this is breach of rules and this threads get deleted within first few hours, so no one in INNO HQ even knows a problem was raised in direction of current mod representation.

and p.s. Dizzl is right, when you get banned for any reason they do not reveal te "proof" because in most situations there is no any, so ban appeals are worthless when you think about it.. and there we go, another comment with meaning will get deleted :)


Once again a Mod fails to use logic and discretion. Richard (and other mods) once again letting emotions dictate his decision (even if he could he wouldn't want to do it) instead of following a standard procedure. It really seems as though mods just make it up as they go, one rule for some another for the rest.

You have two choices, stop buying gold, or make the mod's quit by constant support tickets.
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On a slightly controversial note

1)Just food for thought . There is a chance that a game code is pre-built and runs repeatedly 24/7 etc (Hence the server maintenance every now and then) and the update to the game.
Even if adjustment to the stats of a particular player in the code is possible , it is often a strictly guarded secret by the management for business purposes (To avoid a developer leaking the code and wrecking this game - that's how cheat code comes into play for any game as a matter of fact).

So there might not be a way to reset "few cultural point" for a player or "boost BP" or "give me 6 cities".
Again just a thought

2)Alternatively if Shiroe's case is a genuine one - inno can contemplate refunding or paying some amount of money /gold , if it was a slack from their side

3) Not just Inno , but corporations world wide often have the employees/ customer service/ computers to get the concerns - but none of them have any powers to change the way/rule a corporation works. They are just concern collectors and help with something IF they have the discretion . Just like when your iphone doesnt fulfill your expectations , you end up yelling at a customer service guy not Steve jobs or Tim cook.

4) I am not taking sides or supporting Inno - just stating facts AS IS .For example - You can take the issue to the court but i am sure you would have accepted the "terms and conditions" when you first created your account (if i am not wrong you cannot create your account without accepting the terms and conditions).

Welcome to democracy and wake up to the reality of Capitalism.

I dont play Lato's , Playing Grepo for almost more than a year now . Passionate enough to consider enemies as enemies for eternity but sensible enough to understand people are just as friendly as in the other side . This is a team game of course your enemies will try to destroy you . what else do you expect ?

General attitude towards game/ shiroe's case/ Life : This is just business nothing personal.


whytetwns2016-10-04 17:54:06
keep getting your purchase can not be complete

dont understand why if i use app it works
Baudin2016-10-05 00:05:23
Hello whytetwns,

We just need a bit more information to help you get this purchase problem sorted.

- How many different credit cards have you attempted to use?
- Were any of them pre-paid?
- Roughly how many failed attempts to purchase gold did you make?
- Do you have the Order ID (a number starting with 1) for any of these failed attempts?
- How much gold were you trying to buy?
- Did you try to buy gold on any other accounts?
- What are the last 4 digits of the card you wish to use?


Co-Community Manager
whytetwns2016-10-05 00:23:36
only one card diffrent none prepaid failed attemps a few about 6 times no order number for the failed attempts

gold between 440 and 3000 no other account last 4 digits of my card is 4383

message given from failed attempt

your purchase could not be completed successfully please try again or select a diffrent payment method if this error keeps showing please contact our customer support

continue shopping

whats worse the same card i use on grepolis app works on app but not on web browser
Baudin2016-10-05 13:00:29
I will delegate this matter to the payment team. I will inform you once I know more about this issue. Thank you for your patience.


Co-Community Manager
Baudin2016-10-06 01:28:29
It appears the issue may be on your banks end. They are most likely blocking you from making transactions directly with Inno due to them being a foreign company. You'll need to contact the bank to sort this matter out.


Co-Community Manager
whytetwns2016-10-06 01:38:10
how is it possible my bank would not block it

i use the same card when i buy gold on inno games grepolis app and it works fine i already spoke to my bank they say no transaction on date and time even took place if it works on the app why not the browser
whytetwns2016-10-06 01:43:01
my bank is the royal bank of scotland i have contacted them and they say no attempt transaction even took place
Baudin2016-10-06 03:21:08
When you purchase with the app you go through one of the app stores so you aren't purchasing directly from Inno. When you purchase through the browser with a credit card you are going directly through Inno and something a bank will flag those purchase attempts as odd since it is to a foreign company. I will send this back up and let our payment team know your bank wasn't where the issue lay.


Co-Community Manager
whytetwns2016-10-13 18:31:48
hi any reply i still can not is there anyway around this i can not even buy the gifts

hows this for intresting i have ask plenty times did not get a response since 06/10/16



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