Pnp Rise and Fall of Sinope


Issue - Feb 2015

TUS and the team: Join the coalition or die statement they took it literally. Well it's far far worse as it is rumored that they PACT/NAP an alliance to check them out and then recruit their best and kill the rest for food and bp

Guess this method is easier than all out battling with another alliance.

Comings: After list of many successful op's everyone feels like this.....

especially after this note:
pat1951 said:
pat1951 today at 03:47
Greetings and Salutations

don't know who put this OP together but just wanted to say what a kickass opperation-- you guys totally crushed us--hell you made the leader quit---well good luck to you all with the rest of game

But not all is well in the reds and browns around Comings...

Apparently one alliance is crying for vengeance:

any guesses.... Vendetta

But for many in War Wolves, INDEFINIDO, Polish Hunters, Shadow warriors, Vemma Marketing, WROCIMY, Vehemence, The Exiled it was more like

And some have resorted to copying the best by trying to join the fan club
Coming Somewhere and Coming Over....

Player from Coming Somewhere said:
Hello and good morning to you. Ty for your compliment and on what do i have the honor you writting me?
We just want to play the game if you dont mind.
as above said:
May i ask how we cought your attention?
Coming Advice to any more potential targets who may feel safe with coming name ...Still waiting for someone to call their alliance "Coming Prematurely"

Battle for 044 start soons

who will win, who will be rimmed? Some of the tactics that have been seen so far

nightpitbull69 vs Raivo Piirsalu

Secret society had this weeks grepo backstabbing award! Pitbull has removed the player who created the alliance his rights, before calling a vote. Before the voting was over Pitbull jumped ship to TUS camp.

In the meantime Sinope open forum chats goes as follows:

Author said:
Quote Originally Posted by Praehelios View Post
TUS, TUS 2, Project Mayhem, Alcoholic Empire vs Spartans LOD Ragnarok...
Choppy replies said:
None of those alliances exist anymore dude... you are aware that is already February right?

Ragnarok says

Exist alliances says to Chop

and Chop goes....
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Great article Odd-Job. +rep for you..:)

So Secret Society got backstabbed eh? GREAT! Couldn't happen to a more deserving alliance. Interesting you say Alcoholics and TUS are in bed together. That explains why they are both hitting on lil old us. Not that we care. We are still laughing at the so called big alliances having a nice cosy love in instead of battling it out like warriors. They are all skeered of each other and are far to cowardly to fight so pick on the smaller guys.

But it ain't quite working out how they'd like. :(

Yes people lil ole Indie are holding our own, sure we lose the odd city but that's to be expected.. Indie will not quit, we fight and unlike all the wimps we fight anyone, anytime, anywhere. Call us the Martini people of Sinope.. :D

Oh and SS.. you are still red.. (SW)


I love it that Im always the main antagonist in any of your guys' stories. Makes me feel all special :)


Good Afternoon,

I am of the Goldi and can procure gold for everybody here.
Can go sell your gold somewhere else other than my PNP. None of us use gold in Sinope, better head to EN82.

Thank you


Great read ....

As for mine & Raivos little fight , there was alot more to this which i wont go in to detail , but to cut it short alot of under the table deals and moves done for his own benefit which the alliance saw and all approached my self and others about this matter, there options where he goes from leadership or we do ! .

As for the jumping ship part , i have alot of friends in TUS family and a merge was always on the cards , so i went over to get the ball rolling... as you can tell 90% of SS came with me rather than joining Raivo , which speaks for its self.

Any other questions il be happy to answer :)