Top 12 Rise Or Die


Lol, didn't realize you guys were joking until now. :p
You're posts definitely made it sound like that!
Another thing, this world is very young, you can't compare it to Theta!
Just having a little fun with ya Panda. I like to pet cute animals, we're really quite friendly despite all the blood on our swords. And, no this isn't Theta. Take that how you want.....


I can't believe you thought these guys were for real panda!! Nice to see some life in the forums. Entertained me for a few minutes.


i came here to check how you guys are doing since theta isnt that exiting at the moment... cob why am i not surprised to see you abusing new players?? lol
but that was a nice 1, really made me laugh lol

roesh de destroyerzz

welcome. I shall + rep you to get your journey started. PLease proceed to post noobish comments for our amusement at once.


Lol that was entertaining guys! +rep is a pointless thing that increases the amount of small green bars underneath your forum name.
;) (Smilies fixed!)


Hmmm Finally got internet back time to start up again :) this is all good info


Wow guys, I was just trollin' around grepo stats and checked in on my old alliance mates and found you all here, I think it is really funny that someone would think that this world could be as difficult as Theta... That was a premier world, it just can't compare. This was hilarious though I enjoyed watching Cob abuse yet another new player. ;)

on a side note, if a Jag account opens up...