Roman Republic

Discussion in 'Pi Alliances' started by King of Suffer, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. What's up everyone Started a alliance in Ocean 36. We are active n Exp Where looking to have fun and meet new player's. IF your new or exp All is Welcome in Roman Republic. If you would like to join message me ingame

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  2. We also have started recruiting in Ocean 46
  3. LordMordor

    LordMordor Guest

    Salutations! I am leader of the alliance Elite in that area. I hope we can have a great, symbiotic relationship between the two soon to be powerful alliances!
  4. pgalland25

    pgalland25 Phrourach

    May 25, 2011
    Good luck catching up. And I suggest you stay out of 45, 46, 55 and 56.
  5. Moserty

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    there are extreamly dominant alliances in those oceans.
  6. WM802

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    PS is in 36, rank 2.
  7. Those ocean we will not venture into we had alot wanted to join in Ocean 66 but we are not gonna spread out like that too far for use. We will stay in 36,46
  8. pgalland25

    pgalland25 Phrourach

    May 25, 2011
    Like I just said. I would stay out of 46. That is our ocean.
    Spartans took the lower half, but there is nothing worthwhile down there anyway.
    Pal around with the spartans but do not move north into TEE territory or you will surely regret it.
  9. Um, I just looked up Roman republic where are they?