Running an alliance guide (5/29/2012)


alright ill be straight up this isn't the Ultimate guide and goes from my strict point of view from my 2 years of playing and leading in grepolis. also im not gonna bother with great grammar sorry. ps this guide is as good as the date i release it!

part 1 making your alliance: alright so you wanna lead an alliance to do this first you must know the responsibility you carry. most people just walk around struttin their stuff when they have very little to strutt. this goes for big and small alliances. its alright i've done it before too i think most leaders have at some point. as a leader you have to know you are responsible for EVERYONE you bring in. you can't pull the noob card if they get conquered, you can't blow them off, you have to train them, and you can't make an of yourself and get them hurt for it. you are completely responsible for their safety and so is the staff you select to lead with you. still wanna take on the responsibility?

1. alright go to the alliance part on the left hand screen and hit make an alliance.
2. then name it
3. after you do these toggle your alliance settings like if you want people to see your pacts and such

part 2 recruiting your team: recruitment is very important too much and you grow weak and disorganized. too little and you are organized but lack slots to carry out targets and as your players inevietably lose interest or have RL issues and are forced to quit replacing will be difficult. you should look for 50-80 members give or take one or two in a non morale world. ideally you'll really want 50-60. the only time you break this is if the player is EXCEPTIONAL and its just not benifical to conquer him/her. what classifies a good player? heres the following examples

1. good attacking bp!!!
2. not more defensive bp than attacking bp early on in the game
3. atleast top 3 on the island and isn't losing to the others by A LOT. (a lot being some 1000 points or more early on)
4. they are active
5. they are team players. (5 is only discovered when they are in the alliance)

part 3 Training: you should always be encouraging that next big kill. its like online wrestling ANYTHING can happen at ANYTIME!. theres a phrase "can you beat a better wrestler? NO. can you pin a better wrestler? YES same thing applies here i would know i've done it before both as an individual and a team. but it all comes down to training you never want it to come down to the lucky pin. always get your team coordinated and in the same time zone. heres a check list off good training.

1. constant communication with the player stressing the importance of troops, conquest, and communication with the team
2. explaining the unit types
3. over seeing their battle reports and helping them make adjustments.

part 4 diplomacy: this is probably the most important of the steps. good diplomacy is critical its like an NFL draft pick because you can't pact everyone and having good picks is important. at most you should have 1 or 2 pacts. maybe more if there is someone who MUST be taken out and threatens you all after that its back to business. how to go about picking friends.

1. look hard for an ally do your research on not just the current alliance stats, but its leader, its staff, and its players. research HARD! if they lead in another world go to that world if you can and ask around about the guy or girl. if they backstab a lot not a good pick.

2. look at play styles if youre an up tempo aggressive alliance and they are passive and founders. NOT A GOOD PICK!

3. don't befriend everyone. yes some people are loveable, yes they are worth pacting, no you can't pact them sometimes. its sad but true too many pacts will A. hinder your alliance's own growth which will result in cries for blood which leads to BAD places for you. B. if one of your allies fights another one of your many allies then you are stuck in the middle and that leads to internal striff possibly aswell as the possibility of a blindside from one or BOTH sides.

4. don't be a tool. i have this habit sometimes sorry if i do it to you guys or have its why im a recruiter atm and choose to not be a diplomat. it burns your bridges for the one possibility that more pacts are needed such as a coalition against you or a super alliance.

5. Speak to your allies often share an off topic forum to become really good friends and share the claims forum to avoid confusion and possible conflict down the line the more communication you have the more likely they will stay with you till the end.

6. don't pact anyone you plan to break pact with down the line it never works in your favor sorry. plus it makes you look bad and will kill your pact chances in the future.

part 5 wars: also very important no doubt you'll have enemies anyone who says they are peaceful are most likely screwed if you see "we are a peaceful alliance" in any profile it really means "free cities up for grabs in this alliance". how to fight wars.

1. it all starts with who you recruited and if they were good.
2. how you trained them and what you may need to adjust to win
3. how diplomatic you were
4. your lack of being a tool
5. how organized you are this includes everyone online at once to fight, everyone supporting at the corect times, and everyone playing same time zones
6. how aggressive you are. aggression pays off but don't neglect defense its also very important. lots of conquest = lots of power
7. always expect the unexpected that is to say ALWAYS expect someone's allies to jump in or for them to make new friends.
8. stay confident even if you are 2-50 in conquests stay confident nothing EVER comes good out of deserting. if you leave your alliance to die then you honestly deserve to be rimmed imo. try to hold your team together things have changed before and the unexpected has happened. remember my american football fans the new york giants werre 8-8 in the regular season and went on to WIN the superbowl at the end of the season against a much better team :)
9. always inform your allies of your happenings if you are fighting multi fronts tell them maybe they can help or cover 1 side.

and players if you leader fails to do any of this in the steps and won't listen to suggestion then be smart and leave. a leave or two won't kill your recruitment chances. i honestly hope this helped leaders out here be you new or 2 years experianced.

if anyone can add suggestions kindly do so :)


Nod don't you think this should have been submitted in Guides section ?
BTW nice guide,not that much detailed but you can add to this


i thought id take the newest world insted it seems every world needs it more and more ^.^ plus this is the perfect rec world to just try some stuff imo. 4k players and mra'ed up


I already do all of this and more. I have been leading alliances for over 2 years myself. all in all not a bad guide. There is a lot more that you could add to it though.


true i put it in a nut shell basically after all if i gave out my whole playbook it wouldn't good well in the future for me (;


a wall of text, try to use bb codes to clarify it up


Sorry Ar, not all writings come with pictures, need someone to read it to ya?


a wall of text, try to use bb codes to clarify it up

it was a watered down guide of mine if you don't like it might you can go to guides and check out. this was made for leaders who aren't very good or just starting out and contains all they need to know. if they don't wanna read or follow then that is their problem :)