Pnp Saint Was Here


A short story about revenge on the MRA's of Grepo​

As I was ordering those useless swordsmen to build my academy...what do ya know??? I get a message from one of Gythium's several MRA's. This one was actually courteous so I justified him with a pleasant response.

Once I respectfully declined, I thought that would be it. But noooooo....more messages and even death threats :eek:

He even declared war!!!!

Their members even got up the gusto to attack me!!! They never took the time to learn the game though....

But did it stop there? Take a guess.....NO!!! This guy even found me on Skype! Made a bunch more empty threats and even insulted my leader!

I could not understand why. But, I did not need to understand why. What I knew was that this could not go unpunished.

So I joined them instead. Deleted their forums. Kicked their members. :p

Left them a pretty message though:

I guess that's what happens when an alliance takes an arrow to the knee....

Just be careful all you MRA's out there. There's a little Saint in all of us....don't push the wrong buttons ;)

P.S. Saint was here


Excuse me SaintedStarr, but may I shake your hand.

This was just priceless, I can't stop laughing.

You sir, are my new hero ;)

pool guy

ohhhh dear the bad boys coalition became the "silly we don't really have a clue boys" huh


Best PnP ever with suitable punishment. +rep to you sir

Alliance of Taurus was a brief candle
recruiting players Petrika.Grosi couldnt handle
for he wanted to have a SaintedStarr
but in the end he pushed to far

Petrika chased the starr on skype
started to threaten with random hype
'join us or you will die'
'so I will' the starr did reply

But then without knowing the starr was given the rights
to add or remove members, he had them in his sights
the blade fell swiftly, all members kicked out in full
Kicked by SaintedStarr, Alliance of Taurus, this load of bull

No ATTK players where hurt in the making of Alliance of Taurus....


There was an alliance called Taurus
with idle threats they did bore us
till SaintedStarr was bullied to join
and he kicked them all in the groin
Now whats left has nothing but a sore tucus :Angry:

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I loved it, and I think it's safe to say you've got no chance of leaving us for any other alliance anytime soon man, so get comfortable hahaha.


I loved it, and I think it's safe to say you've got no chance of leaving us for any other alliance anytime soon man, so get comfortable hahaha.
Considering you defined leaving as in leaving the alliance, I guess its safe to say that my comment about him maybe getting rimmed is no longer valid. lol :p


For me too, which seems more than odd. Do they really never learn?


I am just so very happy that our boys aren't near these assclowns.
I'd be forced to waste some CS's, just to temporarily stop the invites lol.