See ya Guys


All the mud-slinging and slander aside, tis the season of forgiveness and joy. It's just a game, we let it get to our heads at times.

Take your well-deserved breaks, Fiasco peeps, it's been an honor.

Sons - you guys taught me the meaning of grit and resilience and I won't forget your alliance.

EK, Goats, OMaM, et al - pity about the alliances, but I see why it had to happen. You tried to give us a fight with the limited resources you had. No hate.

Everyone on Side - thanks for making this a server we had fun playing, no matter how small a role you had in it.

Take care all, and Happy Holidays. Hope to see you all again, soon.

Sun out.


Full credit to fiasco and goatskin sticking to what they said about fighting it out to the end. Even though it wasnt the incredible war we all wanted it is still amazing that two power houses fought instead of hugged.

Foresight is a wonderful thing and if I could do this server all over again there are A LOT of things I would have done differently. But, that is in the past.

These forums have been great for the memes and the trash talk. I hope that the grep community can continue to create great forums like this :)

I haven't done much on this server so this kinda post has to be shortish but I'd like to take a moment to thank (and congratulate) my friends who finally got the crown they deserve and thank fiasco for putting up with all the BS on my end.