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btw robert whats with nexus you guys are doing amazing you past semperfi. and NSPG trainers

Not trying to take anything away from Nexus, but it's not too hard to pass SF. (period) SF has been taking in much more players lately from SF(w/ period), resulting in SF. to drop in rankings. Have you seen alliance changes? Check to see many of those are now in SF(no period).

Again, not trying to take away anything from Nexus. Just trying to say it's not a huge achievement passing SF(period) in rankings.


yes i noticed and btw i kinda hope ya right cause SS my alliance is next to be passing them


problem with that is i am in dacian land

I was one of the original members and at one time we were the best but like someone said we lost are leader and things went down hill. I have never been on a team like sf where the members were truly faithful to one another and the allience as a whole. At least when I as there.


Yes.......Never was a member but I can remember them very well! :D
in my opinion SF,DCS and Shogun were the best alliances that Zeta ever had!