Seneca Corps.


We are an alliance mainly focused on Good relations with other alliances and lots of economic growth. In fact, our center focus is our economic potential as an alliance. Economics over war. We are an alliance residing in oceans 65 and 56, we are willing to expand our reach though.

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  • We have very few rules in the corporation but are strictly watched for.
  • 1→Respect players and players not in the alliance.
  • 2→Listen to your higher authorities unless the request is just ridiculous.
  • 3→Don't lie.

For any information you would like to know, contact OmniNox for invitations and requests.

"Conquering can be done through simple economics" OmniNox


I assume you either still haven't made it or will never...?

never mind, they got started... small though
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Economics? Its not like you can do a" hostile takeover" or form a monopoly...oh wait...thats called "conquer" and "powerful alliance"...

How would economics work for dominance in "this" game? Its not like you can control the "markets" or each city,
1, if you buy up all of one resource available in the world market (assuming your market and warehouses are big enuf to handle the volume), the monopoly will slow the growth of a dozen cities at best.--minimal advantage.
2. if you flood the world market with cheap resources, you allow faster growth for others and make a minimal profit.--nominal impact.
3. you farm like a mofo, it makes you look very aggressive and gains you alot of resources.--minimal economic impact except for a few islands.

what else is there? Economics is the wrong angle in this game. It has been done on much older worlds with minimal impact on those worlds.


Seneca Corps. has merged into the KoV. At least, most of them have. Believe me when I tell you that our ideals differ a bit. Where Seneca Corps. looked to fund economically, the Knights of Valor look to act politically and will not hesitate to use military force to "reinforce" a message. That being said, I believe that we're plenty reasonable and we don't look for unnecessary war. The motto here is "In pace, ut sapiens, aptarit idonea bello". This simply means "In peace, like a wise man, he appropriately prepares for war". A good code to play Grepolis by if you ask me!