server down again?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wingspector, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. wingspector

    wingspector Guest

    Its been 2 days now I have not been able to log in on phi and chi:heh:
  2. Asjo

    Asjo Guest

    Logon to Phi works just fine right now. You will have to specify your problem - what do you do and what happens?
  3. wingspector

    wingspector Guest

    I get the can not connect to server screen. Its only on Phi and Chi.
    I'm on Sigma just fine. I've restarted my computer no change.
  4. wingspector

    wingspector Guest

    Sorry this is what it said(Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage)
  5. Asjo

    Asjo Guest

    Sounds like a routing issue, where you internet connection does not know how to reach the page. To be sure, though, you should try to play Grepolis using Chrome, which is the optimal browser for the game. Sadly, Grepolis is down every now and again, but it has seems fairly stable as of late ...
  6. wingspector

    wingspector Guest

    Thank you Chrome worked I'm back in the game and even faster then IE9
  7. Alien2113

    Alien2113 Chiliarch

    Dec 30, 2013
    I am not able to access the link at all. :heh: :eek:

    It say "The connection timed out".
    My Internet connection is working perfect no issues.

    I can login thru my cellphone, but can't join from my computer.

    Please help me in this.
  8. Thomas

    Thomas Guest

    Just incase you happen to look back at this...

    There is an issue with the servers, try using a proxy in europe or the US and that should help.