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Experience: idk :p, you tell me
Best alliance you've been in: Project Venom (i quit that fast), so my other choice would be Chillax
Most BP in a world:i forgot, too long...40k+ on this account.
Are you aggressive or defensive? im a simmer :D
Want position would you like? none
Do you have skype? If so what's the name?: yes i do; ill tell you over pm
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break stuff

Experience: quite a lot
Best alliance you've been in: triage on delphi but I am now in Cerberus
Most Bp in a world: 72k

Are you aggressive or defensive: aggressive
What position would you like?: ummmmm diplomat if possible
Do I have Skype?: yep



Since everyone is just putting it on here anyway lol
Experience: A good amount
Best Alliance You've Been In: In Legion of Death right now on Knossos, played in DBP for a while on Naxos, and Knights Templar/The Crusaders before that collapsed
Most BP: Hmm I think on Naxos but I'm not sure
Aggresive or Defensive: A bit of both. Defensive on Naxos. Offensive on Rhethy
Position Desired: I was claims manager for DBP and Templars. If needed can do that otherwise just a grunt.
Do I have Skype? Sure do. Will PM it to you if accepted


People unless you have been invited by me or Sir Henriksen please don't post an application for 5 days.

Godoffall ~ Yes, I played with you in RAGE and you were good.

ArShark ~ No, MC is likely to join the same world and I don't need any simmers :)

break stuff ~ Yes, it seems like you need to learn the ropes a bit but looking at your conquers you seem to like a challenge.

Recruitment is closed, for now.
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I'm more than happy to do so. You see SS ghosted on Delphi which left a problem with his former alliance which skiboot is part of. Just need to see if skiboot is okay with SS joining. Need to have a good atmosphere ygm?

Btw you so that you know you still can't sign up. I've let SS because he got an invite before hand.
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I'd enjoy joining having a good group already..You know me from EOD on rethy :p
Experience: Lots and lots..
Best alliance you've been in: Recently EVOLUTION OF D3TH
Most BP in a world: Currently on this account 28k
Are you aggressive or defensive?: Mostly aggressive but i can play defense if need be
Want position would you like?: I like to kill stuff :p
Do you have skype? If so what's the name?: Darkwolf085
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