Pnp Shout Outs!!!


Please post here if there is an enemy alliance player that you would like to give a positive shout out to for their game play and reasons why. ONLY POST POSITIVE COMMENTS!!!!


I'll be the first to give a shout out to the following players and my opinions why.

Alliance: Angry Apples
Ikasaurus aka icky
<<<< hehehehe Reason: Formidable relentless attacker, changes strategies when attacking and a pretty decent guy to have a conversation with.

Sersy Reason: Formidable relentless attacker with great timing skills

IamTheStorm aka Gentle Breeze hehehe Reason: He is a relentless and persistent recruiter, always trying to steal players from other alliances, and does a pretty good job at it, He convinced a few players to switch and join Apples so kudos to him.

DntSoldier1 aka donut man Reason: Relentless attacker, always helps his team mates and times in his attacks with great skill.

Quintrell64 sorry didn't have a nickname for you. Reason: new player not an attacker or a beast but never gives up and tries to the best of his abilities and can become a good player with the proper coaching. Didn't run into VM when getting op'd by Skulls or attacked by TF.

Ceeanay Reason: Wants the game to be played the way it should be, very active and 1 heck of a defender and can snipe with the best.

Majiko Reason: Ferocious attacker, always online and never gives up. Major kudos to him for not running into VM. Would love to play with him as a team mate.
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Bigusdaveus: for having done the best fight against an epidemic city in my opinion, with simply a huge amount of troops at the time and taken the city - it was GTO owned by KCastle. What I also admire about this guy is that he doesn’t aim for the weak links and instead searches for the challenge. Respect

Lukus v: for having been a great defender despite having left now! I will always remember all the MMs I sent when we took his city Earth. The battle for Earth pulled us to new levels.

Lithland: for staying out of VM despite 90% of his alliance being in it, and putting up a good fight for Bedrock

Poshscouser: despite all my expectations about this guy he just doesn’t give up and is here to stay. However many cities we take from him he just keeps getting more just a bit further away. Perseverance, nice


I have more to add later but for now I must name one... And I think she, and everyone who knows me, will be amazed. So id like to put my mention out to;

princess Kuini - Now for those of you who haven't fought PK you have a lot to look forward to (that is if you like a damn good fight). PK has the knowledge to use advanced offensive and defensive strategies and will always be the first onto enemy islands. She hits hard and defends just as much.

We definitely don't see eye to eye on how to lead an alliance (not that in a game such as this that I take any form of hate towards her because of that), but I like to think we would more than see eye to eye on the battlefield.

The most dedicated player that I know to her trade (you will not catch her offline, it just won't happen) and also willing to gold up a wall or two when the odds are against her. I may not be a fan of that personally but again, it's dedication and that's something I can't knock.

Its a shame I didn't get to fight alongside her more in an offensive capacity but I am excited to fight her and others from skulls when I return tomorrow! I will post my others later when I have had time to think but PK stood out for me.


I will not post people from the team i play with for obvious reasons.

: One of the best defenders i have played with and hes also pretty good at attacking hope to play alongside him again in a future world.

RX: We have not always gotten along but she is definitely not one i like to play against as i would time for hours to most likely get sniped by her, really good defender/sniper.
I have played under her and she is not so much a leader to the team but more like a mom where people go to her with all sort of problems and they trust her with alot of secrets this bond you have with alot of your members shows of great leadership skills and it shows in game there is not many people who would take a beating for so many months and stick by you.

Hell house: Good guy and sometimes a little crazy wich i like, very good fighter

AOK: This guy is crazy i have seen some people play on just the APP but he brings it to a whole new level.

Zeus4848: Very nice guy and just like AOK very good APP only player hes just always so friendly by far one of the nicest people i have met on grepolis, hope to see you back here soon my friend.


I would like to add my shout outs (some of them are gone now, but maybe they follow along):

This goes all the way back to our war with Twisteds: dogarmy , jbapu01 , and IRGR8RU, were the fierce and and aggressive attackers that we all learned to respect and that we really hoped would join us.

In more recent history: Deathstrike47 is a beast in the game, and someone I have tried to recruit many times. I'm never glad to see him land on an island I'm on. I don't know if Trombone Tom drives me more crazy when he's in an enemy alliance or in my alliance, but has some of the best timing I've ever seen.

Also, Ragnarock1000 (really good timing and attacks), ramza300 (good sportsmanship), and majiko (just sheer persistence).


I would also say Princess Kuini but for different reasons:

Grepolis seems to attract more than its fair share of "Hey Look How Great I Am" types. PK's refusal to care what people think of her is a breath of fresh air.

Other than that, most of the ones I was going to mention have already been done...


I would also say Princess Kuini but for different reasons:

Grepolis seems to attract more than its fair share of "Hey Look How Great I Am" types. PK's refusal to care what people think of her is a breath of fresh air.

Other than that, most of the ones I was going to mention have already been done...

what do you mean great!? I am GOD

Anyways Piper Page was awsome (former TS)
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princess Kuini

I would have to say Zeuse's ability to keep on keeping on impressed me, Arcanes defence abilities, (any good defender I have respect for), he actually defends "wisely", to do this regardless of missed bp opportunities always impresses me. Cant comment about who I am with now's members but many of them impressed me too.
Nicest guy I met this world would have to be "Andy the Pict", most intelligent is with my team so cant name him. (I do think intelligence in this game amounts to the same as being a good player.
Ahr X, well the woman has always had my respect regardless of external bantering, She has always had good leadership skills and I think TF still being here proves that. Also another great defender and again "smart defending" will always get my praise.


Shout out to SlivasLegendZ, Zeus4848 and team, who I've fought both against and with this server. Zeus has managed to stuff my offense every time I went against him previously, I think he's a better defender than I. Slivas and team took a city off me earlier in this server at a time when I thought I was impervious behind my 3K biremes in my harbor - in the span of 1 hour I ended up with 14 LS nukes in my face. Slivas, Zeus, and team are the only ones to have conquered a city off me through force, this server.

Shout out also to IRGR84U... We were briefly teammates in early days of Shady (3-4 cities each) and when he left for Twisted Souls he had class to return my defense in his cities... after I spied one of his cities (Twisted-Shady war) he decided to drain my cave on the same island... he then made a bid for my city which helped propel me to #1 defender... then we pushed Twisted back... but then he returned with a vengeance with Skulls and once again I find myself on his team, sharing many islands; this time he is clearing for my CS runs and me for his. He's certainly made this a very interesting server for me.

We all fly under many flags in this game but respect to the guys that stick to their guns, make the game interesting, and who have tenacity. At this stage of the game it's unlikely anybody will be rimmed unless willingly; so might as well enjoy the company of friends and enemies.
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