Sigma 4 WW winner!


Hello players and Forum Goers,

It was foretold by that a few would rise and conquer the Sigma seas. The prophecy stated that, armed with swords and shields, they would storm the islands of their enemies and erect constructions of unspeakable power. Today the name of the heroes is now finally known.

Praise D.N.

For their actions are truly heroic!


The Grepolis Team



With all of the war talk and attitude aside, job well done and congrats DN.....I have tried since day 1 here to end up beating you guys, and to say the least, I can say I failed:) but I am so proud of my team for never quitting or giving up or in.....I look forward to see those of you going in Hero world and expect some more great fights with many more great alliances...Lets just hope everyone dont hand you the win there too ;)

Job well done!