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normally I don't ask two people to do the same sig, but since both of you are untested, I am gonna ask for a sig from both of you :D
I posted this in another shop, but please do your best

ok, I am just going to use Devil's format, because you don't have one, and it can't hurt to try :D

Type of Image: Sig

Size: 700 by 120

Theme: Redneck Yacht Club Listen to this

Stock: none really

Render: none really

Text 1: 2468642

Text 2: Redneck Yacht Club

Extras: I wanna see ur creativity :)

P.S. I think your sig is a rip from Grepo-Intel somehow


tell me this tread is a joke coz ur own sig is made by grepointel


Guest least show your art if you think your advance...