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Sink and Swim Rumbles Chapter 1
Part 1

Hello hello and welcome to the Turtle Sink and Swim Series where I, Evil MeIinoe will go over the events of this wonderful world. As many of you know by now, I like to talk a lot so the disclaimer will be included just before I start my list because this is likely to be in 2/3 parts; so if you don't like long reads this sadly may not be for you.

With that being said I would also like to point out that I won't be just including facts as that isn't my style of writing there will be some in there of course but there will also be questions, theories and possibly some map work to back up my theories regarding the events of this server.

Furthermore, for those who don't know English isn't my first language so please, look beyond the grammar errors and also remember, this is just my thoughts so if you disagree on anything I say that's totally fine but please, lets discuss it in a calm manner down below. No need for the claws to come out just yet as it's still super early! Moreover, I will not include any defensive and offensive battle statistics as I believe it's a little too early to go of the data that we have so far.


With the disclaimer out the way, lets begin so grab your cuppa, your coffee, your wine and any other form of alcohol and enjoy the read! Stay safe y'all.

1. The Event Horizon - Swim.

Well visiting my home once again and a similar group which played on Andros and beaten Rich and Famous for domination which shows the experience of this team in this particular setting. As I know this lot and it's my crew there will of course be some one sided opinions hence why the "Swim" status. However, I know a lot of people here and came across them in past worlds and I believe we're the strongest team in ocean 45 as things stand. We do have some excellent talent in this team and well, most of us know each other meaning we do not run away if things get tough. 45 definitely has some competition but me being me, I believe we can beat them and control the ocean in the future.

I see a lot of talented players on this server but sticking to Horizon specifically, I would like to point out that Percy V is excellent at motivating the team and he knows how to run the ship. Deuterium is also one of the best players I played with since Pseria. Organised, kind and gives people a chance and those attributes come a long way nowadays. Also, Icas is okay I suppose, just okay because if I say more he may get a lil big headed and it's not safe for the tiny dwarf to get too confident!

You may ask yourself, who will this team be raging a war with? I think that is the wrong question to ask, I think you should be asking this: who won't they be going to war with. But yeah, huge potential to be server contenders and also have a solid core build already in ocean 45. Their team also isn't too scattered which means later on, they're favorites to close down an ocean sooner than other competitors and the sooner it's locked, the sooner they can invade other main oceans. Looking at their record, winter will come to those in 45 and most definitely else where, especially if I have something to say about it like I did on Andros.

2. Pegasus - Sink

The wonderful Pegasus crew a crew which I don't really know too well which could be part of the reason why the "Sink" status is in place. As things stand they seem to be at war with Carebears winning 4v3 which is rather underwhelming in my opinion considering Carebears seem to be a group that is here to gold and have fun, at least their open alliance status gives me that impression. I also Believe Error 404 is hitting Pegasus as well gaining 2 cities of them as well which seems troubling this early on as well. Also, having two "wings" so early with Pegasus II, I'm just not a fan. Xene007 seems to be their outstanding talent and I also know SunTsi is very good if playing at full capacity but the problem I have is, what happens if Horizon comes knocking on their door step? If I'm a Pegasus leader and I see Bears taking 3 cities off me, I am worried about what Horizon can do, or maybe Horizon are already paying them a visit? The fact that Bears and Error are hitting Pegasus give Horizon a huge upper hand and potential to hit from their end as well. I believe Pegasus will sadly suffer first on this server and they may not be with us come two weeks time. It's all to play for in 45 but it looks like Pegasus are in a tough spot. With all that being said, I do hope Pegasus proves me wrong, lets see how you lot get on!

3. Misfits - Swim.

Is it too early to mention potential winners yet? This team looks scary with a lot of talented players and well, they just picked up Moon Breathing and his little crew in ocean 55 which is a huge boost due to the fact that I know how good Moon is and yeah, massive bolster to their roaster and it's just opened the gates to ocean 55 while they lead in 54 as well. Looking extremely good especially for the domination setting. They only slight issue they have is they already need to focus 2 different fronts having to fight both ocean 55/54 however I think this just gives them more slots if I'm honest. I believe 55 as a whole is extremely weak but I do think Shadow Kings and Naughty North could delay their growth in 54 well if they worked together that is, but in a 1v1 Misfits win, even a 2v1 I would put my money on Misfits but it would definitely make it more challenging for them. But yeah, you lot had enough praise from me, big swim but a part of me hopes you lot struggle! :p

4. DREAM TEAM - Float.

Once again visiting another crew that I don't know too much about when it comes to leadership but I do know some of their players and well, ocean 44 seems to be split in between a few alliances but I personally believe they will have the edge in the end. I would say 44 is the ocean that lacks that 1 dominating alliance and out of the top 4 teams I believe Dream Team has the biggest challenge and that 44 is the ocean that is likely to invade by either Misfits or Horizon. I believe Horizon will lock 45, Misfits will lock down 54 and well, the other two oceans will be open to both of the parties. With Misfits spreading into 55 already I can see them quickly pushing for the who + control very fast which won't be good for anyone in 44. It's really hard to call what will happen here this early but I would that the teams in 44 should work together since Misfits already have 16 cities in the ocean already. They do have some talent such as TeAukura Eliaba and playagain so there is potential here but my gut tells me this crew will make a deal with Shadow Kings to make a join team and kick their inactives in the future while fighting BoI for domination. I know they're picking off some of the Shadow players winning 6v0 but SK aren't a team to back down and that gut feeling tells me this lot will work with them since they're already hitting Colosseum as well. If Misfits rage war in 44 I think Dream Team will need some support which will be Shadow Kings who are a very defensive team from Elis who stuck it out the whole server.

Evil MeIinoe

Part 2

5. Shadow Kings - Swim.

Okay okay I know I will get a lot of stick for this "Swim" status here but please, hear the tiny turtle out. Yes, the Kings are struggling at the moment and are split between 2 oceans 54/44 being hit in both but I believe this group will be just fine after some good diplomacy that I know Welshy has in him from personal experience I really enjoy seeing this team and their only undoing is their lack of offensive players which I believe Dream Team have. I don't know what it is I can see those 2 teams working together to preserve dominance in 44. I know wycked sister jumped from Kings to Dream Team and at the moment I'm unsure why but if it was a fall out then maybe this prediction won't go ahead, or are they working together already? Do think about it reader! They have a lot of options to pick from which also include my wild cards in Naughty North who are also based in 44 so don't give in you lot. I do believe they also have contact with BoI. I seen the Kings in a worse position before and they made it, I have faith in this crew but if it wasn't for my knowledge from the past they could have easily seen the "Sink" status but I'm a turtle who believes. :p

6. The Colosseum (Sisters) - Sink.

The lovely The Colosseum, another group with once again is in 44 and a group that I haven't really seen before. Can we just appreciate how great 44 looks from the competitive side of things?! I said it before but this ocean is honestly so exciting so Horizon and Misfits leave it alone! But back to Colosseum well, I believe they're being hit by Naughty North, Error 404, Pegasus and I believe even Moon paid them a visit but that may have been a city in 55. I just don't see much faith sadly in this lot and well, with 2 wings they will get picked on like they already are by different groups from different angles just like Shadow Kings who also have a sister group. I think more people know Welsh and Kings compare to Colosseum which is why I think they will sink quite rapidly and well, Shadow Kings are only being committed on by Dreamies so far no takeover data from Misfits as of yet so at worse case scenario, Kings have 1 enemy and Colosseum have 3 that we know of which isn't looking good but I believe they can turn it around if they try hard enough with maybe Pegasus who seem to be shifting to 44 after being hit by multiple parties over in ocean 45.

7. Naughty North - Swim.

Here we go again, seeing Clayton and his turnips back at it and not retiring! Only joking, well this group I believe is quite underrated really with a lot of sneaky talent who can thrive in ocean 44 which is so open. I believe this lot may be playing for fun at the moment working with Shego Fan Club as I seen their players work together on Elasa. I do think they're here to have fun at the moment but if other teams pushed them they would play seriously so either way, I think for now they will stick and later on possibly separate into 1 group with Shego Fan Club to for a team that plays at least semi serious.

8. Brothers of Integrity - Float.

The good old Brothers, the group that for some reason, I see as: "The Peacemakers" because from where I'm sat, I believe they have an agreement with Colosseum considering they haven't lost any cities despite sharing a lot of islands with them. I know I said I wouldn't go into any battle statistics really but BoI are 16th when it comes to defense which to me means they're playing the diplomatic game because they also haven't taken cities from any alliance, only brown/ghost cities. Considering they're started a lil later I believe they're playing the right game until they catch up. I think they will be forced to fight sooner or later and I believe they will pick a side which will decide whether they will swim or sink but until then, they will quietly grow under the radar.

As things stand this is all I'm going to cover for today, I noticed that some events already happened before I posted this but yeah, I started doing this article on the 16th of September so I will leave it to you lot to spot the events that happened with the turtle predictions coming true!

I hope this hasn't been to poo poo, I been a lil under the weather so please please, ignore my dreadful grammar. Map work will come in the next episode!

Stay safe everyone, this is MeI signing out.


Cheers Mel you know we like a good challenge :)

Most of dreams points come from members jumping ship but Thats the way of grepolis lol
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Evil MeIinoe

Thank you everyone for the kind words I'm glad you all enjoyed it! Was worried it was a lil eh, got a lot on my mind lately but I'm glad it hasn't show in my writing :)

& @Welsh94 yeah sadly people like to run when they get squeezed a lil lately on this game-.- that's why I only really play with my usual suspects if I can but I know you lot will pull through :D