Top 12 Sink or Swim?

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:D HF girl you really do amuse me, funniest "leader" in the top 12 for sure! You are right, the ranga1 account does not play in Golgi ;)


Old mate,my comment will be a saying in my country :
Rron shqiponja ne maje te malit,rron dhe miza ne bythe te kalit!
Rough translation-lives an eagle on top of the mountain,lives a mosquito in the back of a horse.
It is to compare someone proud who lives as a free being (in the figure of an eagle, the symbol of freedom) with someone who lives on the mercy of others (a mosquito ).

Sorry but it is true. ...


More like Dodo's Nisa

Once you all realised you couldn't fly you became extinct!


Do not understand the first part.

As for the second still it does not explain the beauty of slavery lol(the poke is not for you,you do understand for who it is).


the poke may not be (to be honest you could be poking anyone lol) but my post means

1. you relate to yourselves as eagles, ruler of birds if you like. I compare you with a dodo that cannot fly
2. the dodo is extinct which is in reference to you (most of you) ghosting :)