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Evil MeIinoe

Chapter 1. Part 1

MeI's & Sink and Swim series.

Good morning/evening everyone,

Hope you're all doing well during those difficult times and I hope you're all staying safe and healthy. As the world Elis is developing, I figured I'll bring you all my swim and sink series, where I share my views on the current events and alliances in our wonder world, Elis en133. I will be covering the 10/12 alliances in those series. In addition, I will also include personal shout outs and alliance honorable mentions as the world develops so keep an eye out.

The wonderful admins allowed me to have my own article page on the externals during my journey of Pseria so I hope they will allow for this one to stick. I think the other external page has little too much negativity inside it hence why I created my fresh sink and swim thread for you all. Also, this is the first official sink and swim on the forum for Elis so I have that going for me to.

I was suppose to retire for a little while after Pseria but hey, no time for retirement when you see your friends play! If you don't already know, English isn't my first language so please excuse any poor grammar provided and look beyond. Also, if you don't know me there will be a huge spoiler alert coming up right after this sentence.


If the spoiler doesn't bother you and you made it this far I'm glad, thank you for you time! This little series will likely be separated into 2-3 parts depending on how much I'll talk.

Finally, before we get into it, please remember this is only my opinion and my thoughts. If you disagree, lets be kind to one another and lets discuss it in a respectful manner down below.

Moreover, the aim of my article is to share some facts but also to make you question the current events and alliances choices. There will be rhetorical questions, and little twists to make you think about the future of this world to hopefully, keep you all engaged and entertained. I want it to be as fun as possible and most importantly, I want you to enjoy the read as it's my primary objective to make your day a little bit brighter and I hope I can deliver just that.

So one last time, grab your tea, your coffee your wine; whatever it is you like to drink, sit back and enjoy my long rambles and mini stories. Stay safe, and don't pick your nose!

1. Onlyfans - Swim.

We get started with out leaders of the world Onlyfans, a very talented group and highly aggressive when it comes to offensive capabilities. The name also has a nice touch to it, bringing out their funny side. As we look at some facts we can see they're 1st in the offensive rankings and 4th when it comes to the defensive side of things. When we look at some statistics we can also see they're The Ghosts and Few Good Men an extremely unpleasant time dominating 44 as it stands. I believe this will continue and ocean 44 will be in their grasp in the near future. Are Arkadians their next target? Most likely. As things stand they're also showing a good presence in ocean 54 as well which cannot be ignored. I believe ocean 54 is the most competitive ocean when it comes to fighting for dominance. Furthermore, I strongly believe this group has a non aggressive pact with True Bloods meaning, they don't have to worry about their south boarder being breached. This allows Onlyfans to focus on picking off players in 44, while also expanding into 54 which is not good news for alliances in 54, especially Bunnies.

I believe this group will be with us for a long time, they have a lot of fantastic players and people shouldn't undermined them. As things stand, they have the most potential and are in the best position due to their high presence in 54 as well as great potential to lock down 44. When it comes to fantastic players, Devilking comes into mind for me. An amazing player who I played with on Pandosia, who also somewhat, copies my city names, a little! Only joking, I'm the copy cat here!

Shoutout to Reimu Hakurei, the number 1 fighter as things stand. A kind soul on the forums, good to see positivity even when others don't show it in return. Stay kind, positive and dominate the 44!

2. True Bloods - Swim.

Here we are visiting True Bloods, in other words known as, Written in Blood but sadly their name was taken earlier on by people who they don't get on with. There's been a lot of negativity and rudeness thrown around about this group which I don't really like as I tent to be nice to everyone, even those on the other side of the coin. Back in Nagidos, Bloods were my enemy yet, this group has some wonderful players and is extremely respectful no matter what side you may be on. I wanted to get things started with that, because this group gets a lot of stick and from personal experience, they're worthy opponents and contenders for this world. Winning doesn't matter, in Pseria I gave my spot up for someone else to get the crown and I finished in our support team gladly getting the silver trophy because fun and friendship matters more.

Anyway, looking at some statistics Bloods are 2nd when it comes to offensive rankings and 7th in the defensive rankings. As for their home, its ocean 45 and there isn't much to really say at this point, anything that isn't blue gets eaten in 45 and I believe Bloods will have their ocean in full control quicker than any other team. As mentioned before, I do believe they have an agreement with Onlyfans. Leading up from that, I believe their primary focus for the time being is to completely lock down 45. Once the ocean is in full control they will have a tone of options. However, I believe finding a right option could be tricky in the future. Option one would be to break the agreement with Onlyfans and move into 44. Option two, possibly move into 55 and cause trouble there or option three, secure the rim oceans by moving into 46 and 35 (my favorite ocean!). I believe they will play it smart and move for the rim oceans as that tactic was used in Nagidos by TINAD and Slap which earned them a fantastic win. Only time will tell on what Bloods will do, but with their fantastic leadership I believe they will be with us till the very end of Elis. Also, congratulations on the successful OP, statistics don't lie and I may have been cheering secretly. If you know, you know. :D

Shoutout to Anes King, a very positive person we need more kind people like you on this planet. Also shout out to Ruthie, a well known player who is also true to her word.

3. Mythical Beasts - Sink.

Here we are, visiting our number one defenders on Elis, Mythical Beasts a group that's had it pretty rough from the start in my personal opinion. I also believe, it's not going to get any easier due to their positioning and I feel like the rough days have only just began. As things currently stand, Beasts have been losing cities at a steady of 4 on average everyday which is not ideal. The reason why I believe they will sink is due to their poor positioning having 1/4 of their cities based in 45 and the rest in 55, so early on in the game. I don't believe that strategy is effective so early on in the game because players cannot keep up unless they have some serious talent and if they're an experienced premade. A good comparison to them is Onlyfans, they also have high presence in 54 while dominating 44. However, the difference between those parties is the player pool, the experience and the experience in general. If we look at Onlyfans roaster they have a lot of experienced players that are known from other worlds, at least I know a lot of their names and a lot of those players have good experience, they know how to navigate the map, and most importantly they know their competition. On top of that, they have excellent diplomacy skills. I see a lot of that in Beasts but with far less experience and capability and sadly, I believe they will sink soon.

The one name the stands out to me is Rymdal2, showing he can keep up and he's doing really well for himself. We know they also have a pact with The Chosen. Could that be their saving grace? I personally don't think so, especially after seeing Nassus leaving them and joining Disciples. To round things up, we know Beasts are losing cities to Bloods and to top that off Dilligafs and Disciples have been chipping in on their end, taking cities of them as well which is even more troubling for Beasts.

To top it off, they have taking in some trouble makers which I don't think will do them any positive service. As I don't like drama I will not mention names of course, but one player in particular needs to work on their language because you never know what others are going through in real life and after all, this is just a game. Be respectful to one another, and have fun it doesn't matter if you're winning or losing.
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Evil MeIinoe

Chapter 1. Part 2

4. ShadowKnights (Bunny Brigade) - Float.

Now here we are visiting the most interesting group of the day as I type this up. This group, I personally had down as sink last night and as I woken up this minor change made me smile because I do believe that this group now has potential. Let me explain why. This group use to be known as Bunny Brigade, a group which was rather all over the place in Elis and had far too many players spread across the oceans. It looks like Welsh94 stepped in, took responsibility, took the good players from all groups and decided to focus on one ocean, that ocean being 54. In some peoples eyes, they could come across as harsh leaving your two other sisters behind but in reality, it was a fantastic move. The group as a whole isn't nearly as spread now and they can focus on themselves, growing in 54 as one unit. They have a small amount of cities scattered in 44 which I believe will be lost but it won't be a massive deal as this new and improved group is looking at 54. As I look at their roaster I personally don't know many faces which is frustrating and also extremely exciting which is why I put them up as float for the time being. Their leadership choices for this group are fantastic, and excellent and I believe they may surprise us but only time will tell.

Another reason I put their status as float is due to OnlyFans, I hate mentioning them so much but this group is just so good as things stand! A lot of their survival will be based on Onlyfans and their decisions I think. They're in an amazing position with their group as I said it before. If The Mob and Knights were to fight it does Onlyfans a huge favor as they can sit back and watch, then step in and pick off whoever wins. They can also back one those groups up which most definitely will mean the other party will lose. But what if The Mob and Knights decided to work together? Perhaps they already are which could be a little speed bump in the road for Onlyfans. Only time will tell as things unravel.

5. The Mob - Swim!

Believe it or not, we're now looking at my favorite group of the server as things currently stand which may surprise you since I been mentioning Onlyfans in every previous paragraph, last time I promise (I will refer to them as "You know who" from now on in this episode)! You may be thinking "why is MeI so excited about this group?" well, what excites me the most about them is their alliance size, and the ability to be 5th with far lesser numbers. This is a very tight group for the most part, mainly operating on the edge of 55/54 boarder with a lot of choices to go either way but their main home if 54, and I believe they will head further into 54 as things develop. We know that You Know Who is right in the + zone of 54/44/45 controlling those little islands on that check point which is another thing that I am a fan of. However, The Mob won't care too much for that, I don't think the boarder islands on the 54/44 will bother them. I think this is a very smart group which will move further North and most likely North East into 54 while while building a boarder on the 55/54 line. I believe this group has the most potential. We look at their statistics when it comes to fighting and yes, they are below par which means they have some good diplomacy going on right now. The statistics show they lost a city (ARESss) which is kind of on the boarder of 54/44 and it's most definitely expected but other than that, they seem in pretty good shape going deeper into 54. Yes, they lost 2 more cities prior to that but both of them were of out position in 55 and 45.

I believe this group will stick and I hope I'm right. I would also love to seem the work with the Knights and possibly try and push You Know Who back into 44 but only time will tell. If You Know Who was to back someone in 54 it would be this group in my opinion hence why I give this group the swim status over the Knights as I believe this group has a little more experience and we haven't seen much from the Knights as of yet. But again, ask yourself this question maybe The Mob is already working with Knights? Keep it in the back of your mind reader, because I won't be saying any facts on this particular matter!

6. Disciples of Artemis - Swim.

As most of you know this is my group so it's going to be rather bias as I do have faith in my group and I believe we had a good little family here as well as strong players. I will only share facts about our group and I will keep it short and simple. Disciples are located in ocean 55 and we come across as the underdogs of 55 with bigger guns existing in our home ocean. When it comes to offensive rankings we're currently standing 5th and below par when it comes to defense.

Shout out to Trist, our favorite midget who came back from retirement to play with us once again.
Also shout out to Nassus, welcome home I'm glad you listened to our family guide puppy!

7. The Chosen - Sink.

Here we are, visiting a rather troubled group called The Chosen. A group who is also located in 55, finding it difficult it seems to deal with the Disciple twins as they picked of four of their cities in the past couple of days as well as taking their star Nassus. From what I know and what I been told the members there aren't happy with the leadership which is something extremely troubling. As the world develops I believe this group will struggle to gain ground while their allies get hit by Bloods in 45. The Chosen does have a couple talented players so there is still hope. With that being said, I can't see this group holding on for too long, especially after knowing how the members feel about the leaders. It's going to take some serious work from the leadership to boost the morale back up. However, as always I do hope this group proves me wrong and stays with us, I just cannot see it happen. They're 4th when it comes to defensive statistics and under par when it comes to offensive ones.

8. DILLIGAF - Swim.

Once again, we visit another group in 55. A group rather centered in that particular ocean, slightly shifting to the East taking advantage of the troubled big guns in 55 having trouble, those being Chosen and Beasts. This is an interesting group with a lot of talent in their back pocket as well with players such as: FireBird and TeAukura Eliaba. This group has a lot of potential and I believe they will stick around for at least a short while. However, we do know they just lost a city to Beasts and they share some islands with the Disciples as well which could cause conflict somewhere down the line depending on how things shape out. I'm certain this group is going after Beasts as I mentioned before, which could also mean that Dillis could be working with the Disciples? Again, this concerns my group so you, the reader will have to figure it out! This group seems to be taking a similar approach to Disciples as well meaning, they're keeping a rather tight core which I am a fan of. Only time will tell, I do believe they will stick around for a lot longer than Beasts and Chosen as they seem to have more experience. A certain trouble maker has left this group which I think is a good thing for Dillis. I look forward to their growth and to seeing what this group can do in the near future.

9. N0cturnos - Swim.

As I look more and more at the map, I lean more and more to this group being my favorite on the server as things currently stand. (apologies Mob I still love you all.) As I look and look this seems to be a really smart group, just watching as things unravel while playing extremely aggressive from a safe zone in the South East of 54. As far as I'm awake this is a premade as I do recognize a lot of their names from past worlds Ra most definitely. I strongly believe that Ra is a great leader and a fantastic addition to this world. I could be completely wrong about this group but I do believe they will be here with us for a long time. Their positioning is smart, while others fight for dominance in the West of 54 they're growing under peoples noses in the East, ramping up the offensive rankings sitting 6th with under par defensive rankings. I think this group will have a big influence on 54 soon enough, they may even squeeze the ocean with You Know Who in the future combining attacks from both West and the East which could be bad news for The Mob in the future. There is only one thing that bothers me, their alliance status allowing anyone to jump in and out at anytime which is not ideal, especial if it's the future enemy who may jump in and find out about their plans. I do believe their position is fantastic though, as mentioned before and I hope they stay with us for a while at least, which they should as Ra is the leader of the group.

There we go that is enough from me for a little while at least.
I hope you all enjoyed my look article, and I hope it made your evening/morning that slightly bit better.
The aim of this series is to make sure I keep you all entertained. Please, if you disagree with anything do tell me with a civil manner and lets talk about it below like grown ups. My little birds haven't properly settled in yet so some things could be inaccurate. I hope this post also raises questions so you get excited for my next chapter in the near future.

Once again, please excuse my bad grammar at times, English isn't my first language but I do try my best.

Stay safe during the pandemic guys, and thank you for reading my sink and swim article.

I will leave you with Squishy and Squeegee:

MeI, signing out.

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You can just say it Mel, you don’t like me ;)
I like a girl who plays hard to get though it’s ok <3

I wouldn't say I dislike you, just not my cup of tea that's all. You do have the decadency to not use horrible words, at least not that I know off. Believe it or not, I wasn't referring to you when writing up the last part of our number 3 in Elis. :)


Ruthie is true to her word, until she isn't, then she wheels out her Batman persona to deliver the backstab so she doesn't shoulder any of the responsibility.
in all fairness and can i say im not backing up bloods im far and may i say really far from being a fan over what happened in 122, and plus they dont talk to me anyway cause i accepted a prezzie from the nice people from fiasco but bloods have there founders and have there council and they run on there council making decisions , so with saying that what happened in 122 was a council decision , so i think the whole council not just ruth or jimbo should take the flak , but do carry on as i love all the drama ,
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great read mel