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Hey! So at this point we've all spent 2/3 of a year with each other, either on the same team or on different teams. Given that 2020 was... well let's say much slower moving than a normal year, feels like it's been much longer.

To start, I really enjoyed playing this server with all of you. A few shout outs below.

For the good guys ;).....

For the CLAPS team that was compounded of players from Chaos, La Cucha, A Honey Badger, Polite Killers and Stooges and the support teams like Backstage Heroes, Cucaracha Chaos, AHB, T.B.C., Turtle Power, Lone Samurai and REVO and the other alliances that who gave so much support to the CLAPS team and contributed as much to the win and were as critical for the win. Thank you all for the amazing time spent together, really enjoyed it and look forward to playing with you all again in the future.

To Icas, Mel, Trist, Move., DrunkenTyrant, Deut, Skud, Lucky, MarkE, Moon, StrongWalrus, SirNeo, Goodie, Bernardo, Icequb, Ron, Saint Pie, Kinge, Drabalboc, Toniareis and Vile Smile - thank you all for the great work leading alliances. CLAPS wouldn't have gotten the win without the hard and tireless work from all of you. Great job!

Slumpi, Gandalf, EngSnatch, TheLastCrusader, Napoli and all the rest of the CM folks mentioned already and not mentioned - So much fun starting the world strong and then surviving through the all out warfare of July/August. So glad that those of us who are still playing are here together in the end with the full team. Great memories from the whole server with you all.

MarkE, thanks for the tireless work to help organize what would eventually become CLAPS. Will gladly say that Sinful Cucharacha was the original alliance that probably decided the outcome of the world by being the last piece of the puzzle to make the winning team. Glad that you all joined our team for the win.

Big shout out to Trist for coming back from a hiatus to help us through the dom period and the run up to dom as well.

Move. hope you are enjoying retirement for now and hope to play with you again one day.

Poder and Slappy - Defenders of the year... decade...century... pandemic? Big shout out to all of the support you provided to everyone and a big thanks for all of the support that you provided to me, both LTS and quick support during revolts. I'm very confident that I would have lost many more cities without you all.

Now for the other guys ;)... (I hope you all realize the good guys and other guys thing was a sarcastic joke, and in case you didn't now you do)

To everyone in Kleos --- thank you all for being a great group to play against and compete with. Would be lying if I didn't say that at one point my main goal on this server was just to take your cities (you guys kept me awake for hours so you know how grumpy a person could get when they are tired ;) ).

Merc., Momentum, - had some good conversations with you all and even though we were on opposite sides really enjoyed playing with you. Hope to see you all again on another server also. Edit (I sort of hope we're on the same team because I've come to really enjoy sleep and you guys kept me awake... alot.)

Fraserking & Nickdemarco - Some good back and forth between us. I hope you are doing well and enjoyed our battles.

Tom Racka, and I think a few others who had to leave because they had kids. Congratulations and I hope you all are enjoying the journey of raising kids. Pass on my thanks to your kiddo for probably keeping you awake all night, like you kept me awake all night a few times ;)

Daxid, Lasio, Sylvanan - also great playing with you all and great job sticking it out until the end. I know how frustrating it is to be losing ground, having people come back and ghost or recycle and not being able to take all their cities and losing ground as a result. Great job sticking it out (really to everyone in Elite Squad) until the end.

To Lykos... fun playing with you all. I still think CM should have fully rimmed you on day one, you all taught me a valuable lesson there. Well played for those of you that stuck around until the end.

The list could go on and on so I'm sure I missed some and I apologize if I did. To wrap this up, I have really enjoyed playing this world with you all and look forward to seeing you all in the future on different servers.
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Such a journey!

Big shout out to everyone especially our little sub team up in Ocean 53
To toni for re-teaching me the game and covering me more times than I can tell you
To alwalks for teaching me what a harbour check was (lol, what a noob) and for sometimes turning up (wassup)
To morm for always providing the beers
To Matte00 for relentless defence
To Teleman for... well, being Teleman (please move your mantis :p )
To Pengu for his infiltration of the Arkadians - definitely the biggest laughs i've had during this server
To vilesmile for joining us to kick *** in the north
To bernardo for being the glue that held us all together.
And of course, to everyone else in the wider world, La Cuca being a great partner to us Sinfuls, to all the Stooges/CMers for good chats and banter which has kept me sane this past year.

We had great competitors, thanks especially to Merc for forever keeping us on our toes.

See you in the next world (or rather, the next next next next world, message me in 2022)


Congrats to all! Deserved victory.

That was one of the best servers - with rises and falls.
In the beginning, I was sure that this will be the easiest server for me, I even was afraid that it will be boring:) Obviously I need more experience :) CM was great alliance, with Naskoch, Move. and Skuduish everything looks easy. Move. (me also) was thinking that we could win without PACTs but ... this game proved again that teamworking is the most important. CLAPS confirm that convinsingly. I'm happy that I made the right choise after CM.
Very important in this server is that I did not lose respect for anyone from the enemy. No spamming, no disrespectful behaviour. I even become a friend with Daxid and sraourous. Special greetings for Daxid, who find the right tactics and survive in taugh situation.
About our team - ALL WAS JUST GREAT, managing was wery pleasant, without strong rules and without heavy restrictions and requirements. I don't want to mension people because I don't want to miss someone.

Cheers all!


Here it is! I'll actually do 2 posts, this one is more of shoutouts, the other will be more of a reflection on the entire server.

To start with I got to shout out the original Stooge crew which I took over from SS after the papa thing that have made it all the way to the win. Moon, arguably the strongest fighter this server will have seen, with only Lucky to challenge him. Has been an absolute rock to lean on both on the fields but strategically was such an incredible asset, massive thanks to you. Milan, loyal to the end and a tremendous force of his own, never one to shy from a fight and an absolute powerhouse in production that could keep up with the heaviest Golders, truly a feat. Deut, the analyst. if there is a guy on this server surrounded by 20 screens who could crunch any numbers it would be you and on top of that a massive help in leadership from day 1 to the very end. and Finally Phy, always here, independent yet reliable, could simply be asked to go on a front and he would organize and fight solo or with a team, also an absolute rock. And my dumb *** of a brother Kinge, you're bad but hey you were selfless and handing off your cities to build new ones all the time so at least you were useful.

To the guys who joined us along the way, I wish I could mention you all but specifically Mel, such a pleasant lady to have around, always lifting the mood of the team (and let's be honest the whole server in externals). Lucky who deserves just as much praise as Moon, in fact one could say even more defensively, an absolute monster of a pair the 2 of them I could make an entire post for them (but I need space for the others). To Icas, the heart of the team, making everyone feel comfortable and bringing life to the party, and no slouch but most importantly stepping up to take my place when I had to leave, many thanks to you too. and finally, to Bhost and Trouble who also had faith in us early on and helped every step of the way, you all deserve this win and I am glad you got it.

To those who had to leave us, lest we not forget, thebudreturns, ZipZapThunder, DonHector, Traxler, NoOne, MsNordic (I protected your city to my end as promised), Oubay, BlackKnight, AEGLAECA, and pups (yeah dude you cheated but still you're great fun to have around and tell you what i'd do it again).

Finally to those who joined from other teams, and those who didn't, I wish I could mention you all but this post would go on too long so special mentions. Merc turns out neither of us won the crown, but I have to say you were in the top 3 most influential players of this server, and most worthy adversary (and a gentleman at that) I respect you for that to this day despite the disagreements. MarkE, for stepping up for the entire CLAPS coa whenever needed and a great friend. To the CM guys who stayed with us, GKnasel, DrunkenTyrant, GoodieMob, and many more, much respect for going through what you did and coming out on top ultimately. To SirNeo and Vile, although we first got off on the wrong foot, I have to say never betrayed me and were the total opposite of what I thought, both of you incredible players and very strong leaders in your won rights. And finally of course Bernardo, we will always have our differences, but I have to respect what you sacrifice and do for your team, so let's agree to disagree : ).

GG WP all.

PS: Respect to daxid for sticking it out to the end and defending, on par with the CM guys for me but even more impressive since the game was already lost.