So who's still fighting till the end?

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We never pacted UAE.
We attacked them the whole time they were around because of one fellow, Nick something.
Phalanx didn't have many Pacts early on, our fist alliance was with Children of the Hydra.


Phalanx had a pact in the west once, with StoneCutters I seem to recall. Didn't work out too well. They thought the pact meant we had to obey their orders. When that wasn't enough, they attacked the members of my ocean region where we shared a massive border. (I wouldn't call that attack a mere "skirmish".) StoneCutters hasn't existed in a long time now, nor has the alliance their warleaders fled to.

I don't know enough to speak about UAE.


UAE was mostly in the south Sceeth.

Wonder if Mike62 is still about? He could back you up regarding the Stonecutters conflict


Both of those 'wars' were you holding onto the tailcoats of other alliances who were also attacking, give an example of you as an alliance by yourself fighting and not in a coalition.


We fought UAE alone because nobody wanted to fight with us - because we weren't cool. You were one of the main haters then too.

Our stats back us up. Sceeth was our best fighter - mainly due to his expert defence against DJ - who we were also at war against at one point. after actually talking with them we became close allies. Which we were called weak for - kos you can't get along with people you have fought in the past right?

bah, you'll negative spin it all anyway, you have your own opinion. But Phalanx made it's own name in Beta and did so while the "greats" were all there and kicking. We outlasted most of them too. Then Merged with DJ and became the #1 ranked alliance in Beta. Stayed in that spot for approx a year.


POC was the greatest alliance out, plain and simple.

Wrong, if they were they'd of dominated like Grepohugs. Phenomen was the closest Beta had to a great alliance. They had the man power to keep consolidating and growing whereas PoC were either one or the other and for the most was consolidation although they did have flourishes of growing.

Oh I forgot about Afti Einai I Sparti.