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I've decided to go with a FF7 theme on this world, so SOLDIER has been formed.

I usually keep a tight group of experienced players but as it has been mentioned, we all started off as noobs. Considering this and the 100 member alliance limit, this is how the ranking system will work:

3rd Class:- The rank of the most inexperienced members of the alliance, these players will be taught how to play the game efficiently. Training starts with the production of units, they will mainly provide a supporting role as they will need to learn timing for attacks and support.

2nd Class:- The rank for the players that are comfortable with the mechanics of Grepolis. These members skills will be utilised for the benefit of the alliance. These members will help guide the new players and organise small operations.

1st Class:- The rank for the most experienced players, the players who understand the strategy and tactics of the game. This rank also demands a high level of activity. Members of this rank will have some say in the running of the alliance.

This alliance is currently based in ocean 44 but as it's founding member is close to the core it will take in members from the surrounding oceans.

Whether you apply or not, I look forward to playing with you all. These settings are near perfect so let's try and make it a good world.



I'll bet you two cities in Pella they don't last 1 week after BP ends :p



I'm new to Grepolis, I understand the basics, of course, but I could use a little guidance here and there, as well as a competitive world under my belt.

Any room for a rimling? :p



This alliance is already gone- great 24 hour run you had there.


i have an empty 6.5k city in NW 55 that I can grab for ya on wood island and i got 2 7k cities on stone islands in the same area, mssge me in game