SOTM: March Revolution!

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Please read through everything carefully as the rules are slightly different

To ensure that people vote on the merits of the signatures rather than the people submitting them we are changing the submission system. The signatures must be PM'd to me and include whether it is classed as 'Beginner' 'Intermediate' or 'Advanced'. I will post them at the End of the Deadline for submission.

A Discussion Thread will be created where you can discuss the theme, however you are not allowed to display your signature under any circumstances.

Please refrain from telling people which signature is yours, as your submission will be disqualified. Since we want to make this competition fair & not just a popularity contest.


Time limit:

Seeing as how the month of March is named after the Roman god of war - Mars, the inaugural theme for this new competition will be Revolution. You are to design a signature based on this theme and incorporate something to do with revolt, as long as the image keeps within the rules of the Forums.

All entries are welcome. The competition entries will be divided into three categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Just because you think you might not win doesn't mean you can't try. Give it your best shot and trust your creativeness.


  • No obscenity.
  • 700x120 maximum size
  • You must NOT have your forum username on it, however you may include any quotes or other text that you wish.
  • Please put some effort into this comeptition. I am giving you 4 weeks to complete this piece. :)
  • The creation must be specifically for this competition.
  • One entry only.
  • You can edit the entry up to the cut-off date. You must send them to me each time, specifing which entry is to be used.
  • It must be your own work (Stock images/Renders are acceptable).
  • Please send the files to me in a PM as a .png file. Also I would like it if you kept your .xcf or .psd files so we can check them if need be.
  • Mods are allowed to enter, however in the event that they win the vote, the prize will be passed over to the next entry.

Images should not be uploaded to this site as they may be resized etc.
Use an external site such as:

There are lots of image editors out there.
If you have Photoshop then use it.

Some free ones are

Prizes are yet to be determined, but will be allocated as follows:

  1. 1st Place Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced -
  2. 2nd Place Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced -
  3. 3rd Place Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced -

Because I am requiring that entries be designated as Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced, the voting system will be adjusted accordingly. As such there will be three votes in the various categories.

All submissions should be SENT TO ME BY PM

Just send the:

  • Creation
  • Direct Link
  • Image size in pixels.

If you need help I should be able to provide it. PM me!

There are guides for GIMP and Photoshop currently in this forum section which should provide some basics for beginners. Any questions about GIMP or Photoshop please post them in the relevant thread.
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