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OK here it goes:

I was contacted as one of the leaders of SF to ask why we were at "war" with The Knights Templar. If you are capable of checking grepostats you will see I as a player (and therefore any of the top 50 if not top 100 players on the server) could easily crush their entire ally. However I received a mail asking why I had authorised a war against their ally. I tried to explain that big allys do not ask their members to check for attacks against tiny allies. I assume DAFT and unMeEk do not have to grant individual permission for attacks on small allies as we do not.

The response I received from Spartan9343 was two bolts and a message telling me of the destruction of Vylcan (you know the guy who stopped playing then got his cities taken over while not playing(. Informing me I would be next. Seeing as I have almost as many cities as their ally as a whole I thought this would come to nothing.

However I awoke to two bolts on my main two polises. I was not happy, I had explained this was not an act of war by our ally merely the fact their polises were easy targets. So the loudmouth who approached me I informed I would conquer his mains polis. He told me "Well, you could either attack and be rather... disappointed. Or attack and gain... mostly little. Such a long way for little". However I took his main polis and left him with an under 2k polis because in his works he sent troops "No, my army was still gone. The person I was attacking was on the other side of the world. It would've been gone for over 100 more hours".

Who sends troops to attack people over 50 hours away? If anyone needs more proof i.e. In game messages, conquer reports etc. please message me and I willl send them. I couldn't be bothered to upload them and I hope my word is good enough for you.


people need to understand that taking a polis is not a war :p:p
i vote yes :)