State of the World Analysis: TS-porium (Might As Well Be)


Sheltering criminals? If making verbal threats is a criminal act in the Grepo realm then I am playing against about a dozen "criminals" right now.

This thread will go on forever Mungus and you will never get one concession from the followers of Erik. It is their job to dispute, change the subject, and just filibuster in general anything that you say or do. I wouldn't waste my time anymore. They will argue the color of the sky with you. Amazingly enough, the only real concessions I have seen in the past come from Erik himself who appears to offer unbiased commentary on his or others successes and failures.

Tea city

I don't speak with either of them( prior to the time you are referring).


I challenged Leolis because he spit a usual lie about my alliance in Golgi.
You don't know what a prediction different from a lie? At the beginning of this world your friend even admitted that I was playing in a second account when I was joining late. What did they say when I showed up?

The prediction needs not to be exactly accurate quantitatively. All it said was I predicted you guys will play the number games to win. Your brain is too tiny to formulate it. I can imagine, don't need to bark more.
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Tea city

I did not insult your mother.She can be the most hard working decent woman in the world.
Not her fault in modern timed offsprings become Leo's due to TV and internet.
I said you are ready to sell your mother for a virtual victory;)

You threaten me?:d
Boy,careful what you wish;)

You should read your words again.
You said mark my words,not I predict.


Oh, my words is my opinion, my prediction. Or you say I have power to make my prediction an order for your alliance? What can my words be more than a prediction to your guys? I am not your master who can tell you to wave or bark.

One more time, if you want to insult family or fight, get on Skype or PM. I will show you how to do it the man's way. I reported mod that two posts so don't need to guess if he deletes them.

Tea city

Boy,once again,I did not insult your mother.

As for the rest- boy,do you know at least how to shoot?:d
It is not counterstrike baby boy;)

Tea city

First try to be in a real combat with bullets fizzling close to your ears like me then think to make Chuck Norris;)


Dilusions of grandeur :D your entertaining at least, now all we need is Little Man Syndrome aka Le Chadd to rock up and try and insert his authority into everything to make up for something and it will be a perfect little TS party :D

EDIT: your theory of not being able to waste anything in speed 1 is flawed, with insta buy, an event every month and TS 10k minimum gold entry level you can just buy new troops right? Maybe back in pre 2.0 days you could say that but now the wasting troops theory is superflous because they come back so quick. Maybe you could use the whole dont waste buildings theory if you like :D

EDIT 2: I would really like a serious answer to that question if any can provide one
I guess this question is too difficult to answer for the pro's?

oh and ares, I have no problem with Leo's GRAMMAR, when he gets angry his English gets worse and can be unreadable at times, so I encourage he to keep calm for everyone's benefit, just like I encourage him to think for himself. Im like a self helper, I thought Leo needs it the most given his background of trying to impress using lies :)


Top player in EN89 405,633 31 103,264
EN88 234,282 19 36,709
Spoiler:This is the best example i could find i did not wanted to make them look really bad.

I don`t think any other words are needed.All the failures in EN88 can be top players in EN89.But i think they are bored in in speed 1 must be that no other logical explanation.
Speed 1 is for kindergarten, speed 3 is where real fighters are :D :D :D


:D leo must have given them to you cos they are wrong.

as it stands today
Golgi: Alpha male 864614 BP in 63 days 13724 per day /3 4574 per day
Emporium: balrog 660883 BP in 124 days 5329 per day

so balrog has slightly more BP than alpha male

Alliance BP
Golgi: top 5 alliances = 34176041 BP in 63 days is 542473 per day /3 is 180825 BP per day
Emporium: Top 5 alliances = 22319219 BP in 124 days is 179993 per day

so world BP is pretty much the same

Tea city

It is also deceptive.
The first month you simply establish yourself.
A better assessment is done once both sides are settled.
Then you see how it is.
You can not expect to compare an alliance/player in the first month with another on the third .
Also, a better or worse server is not compared based in only one player.