You do realize that the GrepoStats statistics do not quite show what you are wanting everyone to believe....as the old saying goes, "there are lies, damned lies, and statistics".

What you are calling a massive loss to BDI by Immortal is more reflective of players going ghost, not head-to-head conquests by one side or another.

The only advantage Immortal seems to have over other alliances is their losses by attrition have stabilized to where you are losing fewer than a player a week, while other alliances are losing as many as three or four a week.

And losing a couple players who collectively own over 80 cities, as well as smaller players hosting some 15-20 cities each....you can expect overall city count for any alliance to drop markedly.

You are also looking at the fact that where you have succeeded in gaining cities from BDI, those players your members are attacking are small, isolated and weak....and far away from BDI core support.

Kind of hard for our larger active members to support those who are over 100 hours travel time away, when you are attacking from within 3 hours.

I am surprised some of your members arent taking advantage of that fact and attacking at BDI's core, knowing our troops are occupied by traveling such long distances both trying to cover anticipated targets and returning after landing on enemy-conquered cities.

Instead, while you might gain in one ocean that you already dominate; you are losing in others as BDI members attack you where we dominate. So for the most part, overall loss/gain is a wash when it comes to head-to-head combat.