TBT To When Everyone Said We'd Fail

From the early days that Zero Fox Given was announced, it seems like people have had our number. There's been all kinds of crazy predictions, from saying the leaders lied about their roster.

I think you'll find that nearly half the people listed are either not playing or not playing with him. He's desperate to lure good players, because he has so few, so will throw up any name that gives him a "yeah, maybe!".

To challenges and chest beating in the forums by rival leaders.

Our Vision Is To Have Zero Fox Given

To those joining this world. Or that alliance. We shall see you in 4 days. Id say sleep well but sleeping will be the least of your worries now.

See you soon Envenom

When the roster showed up and the challenge was accepted we were given more doubts and excuses.

Zero Fox Given Are spread ALL over the map. Im sure their Hubris of being number one will make them lack certain Grep 101 rules like Core, islands and clustering. Right now they have no diplo and no strong leadership (Expect for one) that doesn't have a rep for ghosting when they get bored, get beat or just get mad. They will fight everyone. They will win till the end but then fail. As by the end they would have been so focused on war they will forget to be a team and do Grep 101. OR they will fall as they have many people that cause nothing but drama and people that want power in their alliance. If their leaders aren't careful alliance will crumble from inside. However if they survive till the end they will have holes everywhere and people wont want to found as they weren't taught what expectations are early on. OR they will be at a loss when finally up against a challenge. There is no point in having fighters and good players when you cant control them or focus them on what alliance should be doing. I will say Swim and then Sink in the end.
(Usurped by own alliance, ironically for being dramatic)

Yet here we are and he is gone. The spread out start worked. We cored up in the oceans and now have firm grips in our areas and our rival's oceans. There's no internal issues to speak of. Really the only thing stopping us will be inactivity or coalitions.

So looks like we patched that hole in the ship. There will not be any sinking here except if its a CS from ZFG.
(Joined ZFG then ghosted)

1) Zero Fox Given - I have learned something from the formation of this alliance; if you want to attract every heavy gold user in grepolis to your alliance, make a thread in the pre made section of a forum and say nothing other than 'we aren't going to pact or do WW'. These people literally have so much money to invest in this game that they could have instead bunched together to buy a house, or a small island.

Combine just okay rich braggarts with lots of gold and what do you get? A player that is able to fuel his bragging with small victories at the beginning of the world, even against more experienced players because they use a tonne of gold to get ahead. Caution - these players are prone to rage quitting later on in the game.

An alliance with amazing stats, simply because they are bigger than virtually anyone else. Seriously, just go to player point rankings and click page 1.

Also it would be appreciated if you guys stopped lying on the forums saying that you dropped in skewed across 3 oceans for a challenge. Your link didn't work because of traffic, get over it, you started in a better position than us.

Rating: Gold, for wealthy.
(Not really sure what happened to him.)

To even just personal chest beating against our own players.

Oh PLEASE come for me Ev1l. You are the exact reason why I dropped in this world and in 55. Just to rim you so no worries if I don't see you, you will see me.

Make sure you don't become a turn coat and run like you did on Golgi before I get there :-D

There's always been some ridiculous predictions in Grepolis I've found. But I haven't seen a such a strong roster get picked to lose out before and by some experienced leaders at that. Whether it was wishful thinking or if people actually believed this, I guess we'll never know. But for now we now sit atop 2 core oceans and rank second in the other two. There's obviously many fights and months to go but i'd have to say, joining Lato and ZFG was probably one of the best decisions in Grep I made. I've had tons of fun playing with these people. I've also had a good time against our enemies, many fight well and are fun to chat with. We're still here and I figured we could all laugh at some of the predictions here.

Also we can't be the only ones who can look back and laugh. Nor were we the only ones with weird predictions against us. Feel free to post some interesting quotes about anything predicted about you or your alliance below. Or just to talk about a weird experience in Lato.
Except you arent winning all wars and don't have firm grips in all rivals oceans
Name a major fight we're not up in...And no, you're not a major fight yet. You guys will be, I'd be pretty crazy to deny that. But right now it just seems we're offing each other off in our respective cores. Closest fight is WAR at +5 us. I guess the map is ocean to interpretation but I'd say having a foothold and core in every core ocean is a firm grip.


How convenient of you to call it "not a major fight" when you are clearly losing. Fact is (and if you think I haven't seen the messages and forums posts you're out of your mind) is players were specifically asked to come to us to fight us, and the vast majority that have done so have lost cities. You're losing. Don't care if you think it's major or not, however you have to spin it to help you sleep at night makes no matter to me as it doesn't change that fact.
Lol even if we were up I wouldn't consider it major yet. We put cities in your core, you took them out. You guys had some in our core, we took them out. If this is a major fight to you then okay, I expected higher standards out of you, but hey whatever. Personally i'm realistic and recognize that this isn't even the real fight yet. Just tit for tat. So no, I don't consider it major.

Like I said, its coming, and its gonna be huge. But you're high as a kite if you think right now anyone is winning anything by doing core clean up man.


That's not exactly an accurate portrayal but I fully understand you're need to try to spin it to make it look better than it does. We invited POJOOM who had existing cities in your core and he was told that he was snipe or die out there - and I think you could probably ask Dizzl and Valk about how well he did up until the point where he just ran out of troops to snipe with, those were always going to be lost cities and we took him on knowing that full well. We could very well hvae just waited for him to lose those cities before inviting him if we were really that concerned about saving face in stats, but we didn't really care. You came to our area with the notion that you were actually going to be able to do something about us (if you would like me to post the long list of Jafy and Lowkey messages we have received in regards to this I'd be happy to do so - or I guess just look at my profile for one example), and haven't taken a thing but lost many despite continual efforts to gain ground. You've fought, LTS'ed, done everything you could to protect the cities that you intentionally sought after and took, and still lost them (and continue to lose them). If you view that as "tit for tat" then you really are in a state of delusional and this conversation isn't going to go anywhere.

For as arrogant as you like to talk about yourselves you haven't done anything with regards to MP. Like I said, whether or not you view that as "major" is really your own business and just something you have to tell yourself, doesn't really bother me. Facts are facts and stats are stats, and if you're gonna brag about your stats - at least portray them accurately.
Alright Mik, I gotta be honest here. I got the first line in then stopped you're just repeating yourself in longer essays. I don't feel like having a chest beating contest. I'm more of a put up or shut up kind of man. Lets see how much of your own rhetoric you believe. I'll make a bet with you.

If you're right and it turns out the war is on and you're totally winning and disband us just by O64 control alone. I gotta come back and admit you're right and I'm wrong and this totally mattered and meant you were the clear victor all along. I'll even get a sig made after your greatness and put whatever you want (within the rules) on my profile in game in every world we share.

BUT if it turns out you're wrong and this is just the warm up and it turns out a bigger fight was brewing. Then you gotta call me "Daddy"...for the rest of our time in Grepolis together. And I'm fairly sure you're older than me, so you gotta make up an insane back story as to how this happened and tell it to everyone in the world chat.


Don't even know what you're talking about. But why don't you stop with the tough guy act and follow GS's orders and come post up next to me. You "clearly" have the best alliance ever and you're "clearly" not just a mascot, so why don't you come prove your worth. I'll send you some decent cities for you to set yourself up.
Coming from the person who backs down when issued a bet, I'll take it to heart. I'm not the one chest beating here tough guy all I said was "I don't think you're a major opponent right now". I post a joke and you get defensive then I'm just speaking my opinion and you fly off the handle over it like a toddler. You must have a fragile ego.


Fly off the handle? Sorry but talking down to you in the way you deserve isn't really flying off the handle. Pretty sure most people know what it looks like when I fly off the handle, and this is pretty tame by comparison. I've just sent you some cities for you that might be of interest for you to put your money where your mouth is. And have no concern for my ego, it's very well established. I'd have more concerns for your own if you think anything I've said is me "flying off the handle" at you.


Lets face it Mik, you guys are not even focused, we almost not know you guys exist out there in the rim, so dont flatter your selves for taking few pesky cities in O64/65 that we dont really care about..
tbh you are like HH 2.0 with all bragging until Foxes come to get ya..

and no, what ever you respond i dont really care as i have no interest in your oceans


Hey GS, want me to paste your messages about sending players to set up a border against "some of the best players you know" - or do you want to toss some input here on your own? What EvilKing (who TF is this guy anyway) knows and the rest of you know are pretty different things.

And if you think me just pointing out simple stats is bragging then sorry about it we'll try to be worse?
Me: "Stats aside, I don't view MP as a major war right now as we're not positioned to fight each other at full force yet. Ergo I don't really count them right now."

*2 paragraph essay debating above opinion, personal in game challenge to fight me over said opinion.*

Mik: "Nah fam, i'm not flying off the handle. I'm calm bro, i'm calm."

Bro, K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid. You're giving me the wrong impression over here. LOL.


i dont understand why people are so fast to jump to conclusions. plz be patient. and another alliance was bragging a few weeks ago that was doing great and now dont exist. my opinion is that so far zfg is fighting kitties


It's all good TSF, we'll just keep taking cities off ya'll, and you just let me know when you consider it to be major.