Ten Years Flew by Quickly


It's already been just over ten years since I first played Grepolis. For the past six or so years, I have only been on Achilles. That said, I am interested in trying out another world in the near future, but first I'd like to know what the biggest changes to Grepolis have been since then.

What are some major changes that have come to the game that I have missed due to restricting myself to Achilles?


Not much to learn since they nerfed Ares. You can build Sirens with aphrodite and each one you add decreases your TT by 2% so it's a good way to time attacks by cancelling and resending until you get what you want.

Aphrodite also adds population to the city passively, so use her on LS and ALU cities to make your nukes bigger.

With Ares the only thing now is to remember to cast Spartan Training alongside Population Growth. They made Ladons and Ares Army useless in the nerf.


I remember times when 45k players (max for speed 1 world) where gathered in 4-5 days, and after that the world was full (time of Heraclion, etc).
Where are those times...


I remember trying to join worlds and getting a prompt saying that they’re full.


Can't beat the good old days.

Jezz Dan. You still around lad.


Think it's probably only your self who's still around these days.
Not seen anyone I know in worlds anymore. But i haven't played in 4.5 years