Thank You Beta And Goodnight


So you know been playing Beta since day 1 seen it all blah de blah. Last months just logged on on average once per fortnight sent some resources to wonder logged off blah de blah.

Congrats to Phoenix of carthage 8 wonders blah de blah

My thoughts:

Top class spiffing world best there ever was shame i can't write for hours about it :(

Best alliance to grace the server - Phenomen, please don't even bother trying to say it wasn't.

Best player - so many, i'd say about 8 of the top 15 included in this (jeez the standards have gone down).

Best forum-er - me who else?

Um so yeah... i give us three days before innogames shuts the world down.

Best luck to everyone those still here and those gone you were the best.

~Ach :cool:


I disagree with your 3 day prediction, but it'll be sad to see one of the few from the start go.

If nothing else, the beta forum will mourn your loss!