Thank you to the misfit alliances


I'm not really sure why you brought this to the external forums Graham. You need to relax and take a step back from this game. It will still be here. Do you really want everyone on the internet knowing your personal business?
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i get called nasty by lots of people and i don't really care


If someone has a problem in real life i'm always there to offer some sort of personnel NAP, but not a chance for you

You forgot to mention the week before you threatened to report our whole alliance to the mods, for attacking you while it was night time in the UK, as it was disrupting your sleep and making you ill, when we laughed at you for that, you then mentioned about your mum and went into VM. BUT you came back and started to fight but expected us not to retaliate as your mum was ill!!!!


Dont forget it was you that splintered your group off from our alliance ages ago and started this war, now what was your reason for this? Can't remember? well let me remind you. We gave you a small inactive internal city to take, we had cleared it for you and it was over half an ocean away from the nearest enemy but you complained as we sent support to some sieges on enemy cities instead of supporting your internal siege!!

so stop complaining and go and look after your mum


I would like to thank the players who have attacked me since I found out my mother was dying of cancer, and they knew about it but decided to take advantage of me while I was waiting for vm to kick in.

You have players who have no honour and no dignity within your alliance, and I hope the same does not happen to them sometime in the future.

One of your players we stopped attacks against because of something similar, but it seems it does not go both ways.

Well I hope you enjoy yourselves and dont worry I will get you back, maybe not on this world but you can rest assured I will.
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I never post, but this is ! Please stop this grahamrobe. Remember I have the messages and reports that you are a liar! If your people were that sick. Why would you help a mate try and break my siege when you have all these RL problems? Also you and I had talks in messages and you NEVER spoke of these RL problems. I have all the messages and all the attack reports(they do he the time and dates on them. And like it was made the split happen, not us! Please stay in VM! Then ghost please. You are not telling the truth.